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Keywords: default, whale
whale's tail
Keywords: baseball
baseball field at Harvard
Keywords: clouds, dreams
Keywords: trees
palm trees in oakland
Keywords: movies
teddy bear riding in car
Keywords: photoshop
recursive photoshopping
Keywords: barbs
barbed-wire fence
Keywords: blimp, photography
Hood blimp over Salem MA
Keywords: game development
Supermodel Shootout demonstration
Keywords: comics
panel from chinese whispers comic 1
Keywords: parody, search engines
parody logo
Keywords: CGI, synthesis
CGI person in photograph
Keywords: broken image, ea logo
old ea logo as broken image
Keywords: abandoned building
Keywords: art
more clever than successful 'ART' sign
Keywords: bureau of engraving
bureau of engraving engraving
Keywords: escalator
Alewife T station escalators
Keywords: pier
former pier in Arkhaven MD
Keywords: jogger, monument, rain
Washington Monument from Jefferson Memorial
Keywords: stop unsafe acts
sign in Hyattsville MD
Keywords: guitar
a seven-note riff
Keywords: juggle
animated gif from 1996
Keywords: 8bit, philosophy
8-Bit Theater
Keywords: kyon
Haruhi Suzumiya