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Keywords: DC: enjoying this intensely
Beast Boy, moi
Keywords: MISC: my inspiration
Moses, proverbial_icon
Keywords: DIS: sweet mother of mercy
Hercules, lucy_locket
Keywords: DIS: SPARKLES motherfucking SPARKLES
Jafar, __iiicons
Keywords: DIS: it might be too much to hope for
Jim Hawkins, kimono_icons
Keywords: DIS: he asked awkwardly
Bert, c_sharp_icons
Keywords: ANIM: this is gonna be so killer
Joe&Tai, moi
Keywords: LEIJI: i pull trigger you blow up
Tochiro, moi
Keywords: DIS: glorious glamorous and gleeful
Mary&Bert, xlemonkissed
Keywords: SLAY: concerning this thread
Zelgadis Graywords, icondork
Keywords: DIS: processing slowly hang on
Jafar&Iago, guilty_moe
Keywords: DIS: and by lame i mean AWESOME
Linguini, lovewels
Keywords: DIS: y'got me
Drakken, peterpansflight
Keywords: DIS: i will rend you limb from limb
That poor bird, peterpansflight
Keywords: ANIM: don't drop the soap pal
Askeladd, moi
Keywords: BLUE: I hope
Soldier Blue, midnightreverie