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Keywords: Ned - Life is good
Keywords: Cape Cod Profile
Taken on Cape Cod, September, 2005
Keywords: Ned on Pool Steps
Keywords: Berlin Street Mime
Keywords: Signpost pic#80126801
Keywords: Butterfly pic#80525454
Keywords: Feet on Tablepic#80525646
Amelia Island
Keywords: Water skis pic#80525773
Keywords: Roman Senate ruins
Keywords: Ned Shucks
Keywords: Glass balloons in boats
Chihuly at Phipps
Keywords: White Tara
Keywords: Pre-enlightment Bodhisatva
Keywords: Food Queue
Keywords: Times Square
Keywords: Scrabble
Keywords: Cemetery in Snow
Cemetery in Snow
Keywords: Obama Yard Signpic#81325398
Keywords: Self-portrait
Keywords: Alpena
Keywords: Overland Crappsie
Keywords: Travel (with Tom)pic#83954395
Games Keywords: Man and the World pic#83954471
Man and the World
Keywords: Music pic#83954510
Keywords: Pittsburgh pic#83954551
Keywords: Naples Sunrise ic#83954652
Keywords: Manatee
From Paul's Boat
Keywords: Bookcase
Keywords: Bike Picture
Bike picture
Keywords: Kuma
At 140 Penhurst
Keywords: Tom and Michael
Keywords: Marg
Keywords: Ned - sweater vest
Keywords: Penn Lake