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Keywords: gb: it's cool it's okay i got it all
nastey ©
Keywords: ks: pretty pills to ease the pain
nastey © She's somehow closer now; when I look in her eyes, she goes with me to a blossom world.
Keywords: eb: you make wish i was someone else
nastey © falling in love should be like polaroids: instant.
Keywords: movie: let them eat cake
nastey ©
Keywords: movie: grow deep and high
nastey ©
Keywords: movie: in smoke & flames
nastey © she has lost her heart. goodbye. goodnight. and good luck.
Keywords: movie: love makes us liars
nastey © you left me in the dark i'm always in this twilight. in the shadow of your heart.
Keywords: movie: been alone since you were 21
nastey © i told you how long we've got, all the time in the world.
Keywords: movie: keep calm and stay collected
nastey ©
Keywords: mm: you make my head spin like crazy
nastey © You have my heart, and we'll never be worlds apart
Keywords: mm: the chill of your touch
nastey ©and the way your innocence tastes. and i think you should know, you deserve much better than me.
Keywords: music: i just want time 'cause time heal
nastey ©
Keywords: movie: sometimes he's such a beast
nastey ©
Keywords: mm: oh my god
krimson ©
Keywords: gb: your smile make me weak
nastey © we are the perfect couple. we're just not in a perfect relationship.