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Keywords: Glee: Pezberry
credit to kankonkine
Keywords: Kurt tongue
credit to kankonkine
Keywords: Glee: Kevin scream
credit to ms_lesly
Keywords: Kurt: moisturizer
credit to kankonkine
Keywords: Puckleberry
credit to idyllicism
Keywords: mcchele
Keywords: Hummelberry in NYC
credit to aniconjournal
Keywords: Venus/Mars
credit to slntfireflyicon
Keywords: Rei/Mina hush
credit to psychelocks
Keywords: Mina/Usagi grab
credit to omigadicons
Keywords: Tifa/Aeris
credit to no_punchline
Keywords: Sakura
credit to sinfonia at dreamwidth
Keywords: Glee: Quinn
Keywords: Glee: Santana
credit to palejewels