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Keywords: krazy kat
default userpic
Keywords: wailing wall
I'm feeling sorry, scared, anguished, angry, or otherwise poorly.
Keywords: grammar nazi
Who'da thunk I'ma be a teacher?
Keywords: bat country
My research has questionable goals and methods.
Keywords: walkin'
I travel.
Keywords: tetris
I'm being a nerd (technologically).
Keywords: academia
I've been a grad student far too long.
Keywords: postal approval
I like what I see.
Keywords: a weirder place
I am sometimes called a statistical outlier. [from xkcd.com]
Keywords: end of the world
Nothing good ever comes of politics.
Keywords: funny goths
Peoples are silly.
Keywords: hand in unlovable hand
I are fanboi.
Keywords: what geeks can do
I'm being a geek (socially).
Keywords: cat crossing
I have a secret love for Vienna Convention signs, even though objectively, MUTCD is better.
Keywords: making a mess
I'm not always an angel.
Keywords: system report: nothing is ruined
Computers are stupid.
Keywords: russian traffic
Clusterf@#k to the Ленинградский Проспект.
Keywords: doorbell21
Sometimes, you just gotta be a mathematician...
Keywords: city centre ->
Downtown Calgary, on the Right.
Keywords: trans-canada west
Real Canadians know that the only proper number for the TCH is 1 (or in exceptional circumstances, 16).
Keywords: evacuation plan
For the runnings around in circles and yellings AAAAA!
Keywords: usb sushi
Fish heads, fish heads, bleep bloop blorp.
Keywords: taylor fladgate
I love, love, love me a good vintage port.
Keywords: epoch fail
I heart XKCD more and more every day. [from xkcd.com]
Keywords: wicket
I likes teh crickets.
Keywords: bubblesort
I like well-prepared political figures with a sense of humour.
Keywords: corny kitty
Nom nom nom nom.
Keywords: dry gin
Yay, alcomohol!
Keywords: lotr space station
I like movies.
Keywords: teapot
I take time Tuesdays to taste tea.
Keywords: cognitive hazard
Wait, what?
Keywords: not just for breakfast
WAIT. What??!?
Keywords: mutual y combinator
If I were ever to get a tattoo, this would be it.
Keywords: leaving chernobyl
Power, power, power, power now. It's ridiculous. Do you know how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union?
Keywords: camera
Who am I and what did I do with Sean?
Keywords: метро
Я люблю общественный транспорт!
Keywords: triple nerd score
I'm game.
Keywords: classic high-school date
I've always been a hit with the ladies. [from xkcd.com]
Keywords: jenga crane
My career goal was once upon a time to be an architect.
Keywords: phood
I cook.
Keywords: masjid qamar helaal
The closest I get to a(n organized) religion is when I observe Ramadhan.
Keywords: bike basket
I bike. A lot.
Keywords: they called me a monster
Sometimes I get a little obsessive about things.
Keywords: foo all the bars
I love webmemes. And beating on the bloody, pulpy masses of what were once horses.
Keywords: clean ALL the things?
I, too, sometimes completely fail at resembling a responsible adult.
Keywords: all about the bordens
Go go petrodollar!
Keywords: latte garlic
mrputter's cooking FAQ... Q: Does this dish have enough garlic in it? A: No.
Keywords: qwop into mordor
I run marathons. I don't qwop. Most of the time.
Keywords: green power
I LOLed at http://what-if.xkcd.com/3/
Keywords: levez vos skinny paws...
Awesome music is awesome. Now with 50% more cats!
Keywords: hippy
I am a (not so) secret hippy.
Keywords: king of crops
Yam, the King of Crops