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Keywords: BtVS - Drusilla
by me
Keywords: Futurama - Sweet Zombie Jesus!
by iconzicons
Keywords: BtVS - Drusilla - blank stare
by miss_mandy
Keywords: SPN - Cas - love guru
by iwantpie
Keywords: True Blood - Franklin close up
by angelic37
Keywords: BtVS - Drusilla & Spike
Keywords: Saved - show the boobs
by j_in_the_gifs
Keywords: True Blood - Pam cry
by me
Keywords: Fangtasia Mod
Keywords: WoW
by soaked
Keywords: AHS - crying
Keywords: AHS - christmas Paulson
sisterjude @ tumblr
Keywords: True Blood - Debbie
Keywords: True Blood - Franklin
by causticammo