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Keywords: devilish suitor
by magic_art
Keywords: icon_bacchanal_10
well, he might...
Keywords: perfectly fine by lidi
Keywords: by popehippo
goddess by popehippo
Keywords: Urania
by magic_art
Keywords: urania by magic_art
Keywords: one more by iconomicon
Keywords: religion snark
iconomicon, religion snark
Keywords: The White Knight from "Alice"
Keywords: Jack Heart, prince cockblock by totallybalanced
Keywords: by briarrose_icons
Keywords: by mirhabdsah, from the series "Rome"
Keywords: 10th Doctor WTF face
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Keywords: gods I love Spike...
also by pkabyssinian
Keywords: Dexter
by x_tangomecrazy
Keywords: mr darcy by sweet_tea
Keywords: by excellentnotion
Keats, bright star, oh for fuck's sake
Keywords: by foresaken_muse
Bright Star, would I were constant as thou art
Keywords: by butterflydarlin
Keywords: also by aranya_mx
Keywords: another horned god by aranya_mx
Keywords: ouled nail by aranya_mx
Keywords: drink me
by ohsweetwitchery
Keywords: witches. duh.
by ohsweetwitchery
Keywords: <lj-user "magic_art"> witch oil
Keywords: sinkandrise made this--Sherlock
Keywords: another from sinkandrise; anderson
Keywords: sinkandrise again
mark gatiss as mycroft
Keywords: by moony_mistress using angrybeige's art
Keywords: yay! by lostwiginity
Keywords: by moony_mistress from angrybeige's Sher
Keywords: sallymn, the brigadier
Sarah Jane Smith "Wtf?"
Keywords: Sarah Jane, TARDIS
Keywords: sarah jane and K9, x_elements_x
Keywords: fall women by Magic Art
Keywords: reading witch, seasonal-Halloween
by magic_art