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Keywords: b&w headshot
Keywords: fractal
Keywords: bi flag, political, sexuality
created by lj user mattp, free for non-commercial use under creative commons license.
Keywords: yellow lisa
Keywords: color lisa
Keywords: rgb
Keywords: me by wall
Leicester 2002
Keywords: tax
Copyright 2002 LJ user tax, with kind permission
Keywords: lj, moominion
Copyright 2003 LJ user revraven, with kind permission
Keywords: webcam
Released under creative commons license by LJ user mattp
Keywords: geek, tux
Keywords: hat
Manchester 2004
Keywords: eye
Copyright 2005 LJ user mattp
Keywords: wookie
Copyright 2005 LJ user pickled_jo, with kind permission
Keywords: caffeine, cartoon
Keywords: cute, meow kitty
Keywords: unshaven
Scarborough 2004
Keywords: gataca
Created by tamnonlinear, modified by petersheil. With kind permission
Keywords: parliament
Copyright 2006 by LJ user matthewp
Keywords: Food
Copyright 2006 LJ user matthewp
Keywords: knot, manchester
Copyright LJ user matthewp 2006
Keywords: grump
From Faerierhona, with kind permission
Keywords: oh noes
Thanks to LJ users opiumgaze & mortenavida & supersat & minklepidgeon
Keywords: hydepark
Copyright 2006 Guthrie Ward, with kind permission
Keywords: knitting
Copyright LiveJournal user xugglybug. With express permission.
Keywords: bellringing
Released under creative commons license by Flickr user clspeace, with thanks.
Keywords: whitby
Used with implicit permission of flickr user davosmith (cc license)
Keywords: determination
derived from work of flickr user cynchang (CC license)
Keywords: flying
used with implicit permission of flickr user dazzy1960 (cc license)
Keywords: kink
Keywords: latin
copyright LiveJournal user ihavecake, with permission
Keywords: gin
used with implicit permission of flickr user jlastras (cc license)
Keywords: freddy-lol
CC-SA license by lj user mattp (2010)
Keywords: hug
used with implicit permission under a cc license from flickr user hien_it,