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Keywords: sf sapphire and steel winning
David McCallum in "Sapphire and Steel"
Keywords: spies mfu (sorta) going to hurt ivan & h
David McCallum & Robert Vaughn, "The A Team" (I know, I know)
Keywords: spies mfu facepalm napoleon
Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo, "The Man from UNCLE"
Keywords: phil ochs troubador
Phil Ochs, and a line from his song "The Chords of Fame"
Keywords: spies mfu ispy he died _ hawleygriffen
Quote from Kelly Robinson, "I Spy." Images from "I Spy" and "The Man from UNCLE"
Keywords: writing one-eyed jack
Work-in-progress icon for my novel ONE-EYED JACK
Keywords: sf farscape d'argo's your daddy
Anthony Simcoe as Ka D'Argo, "Farscape"
Keywords: sf farscape leather
The cast of "Farscape," and a hopefully humorous misquote of Leonard Cohen's "The Future"
Keywords: drive train _ netcurmudgeon
Yes, real warning label
Keywords: muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit
Image & quote from "The Muppet Movie."
Keywords: muppetology kermit yay! _ sgreer
Keywords: froud tapestry
detail of Brian Froud's "Tapestry," my favorite of a brilliant body of work
Keywords: froud magician
detail of Brian Froud's "The Magician."
Keywords: spies mfu goodliest outside napoleon
Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo, in The Man from UNCLE, misquoting Shakespeare
Keywords: writing softcore nerdporn _ heres_luck
quote by scott lynch, icon by heres_luck
Keywords: sf doctor dance
John Barrowman, Christopher Eccleston, and Billie Piper (Dr. Who 2005 series) text from same
Keywords: writing companion to wolves _ truepenny
Keywords: spies mfu bolsheviks _ naominovik
Keywords: rengeek kit & tilda lucifer/gabriel
Tilda Swinton as Gabriel in the abysmal movie "Constantine." Quote from Christopher Marlowe's "Faust"
Keywords: shotgun spies mfu illya
Keywords: rengeek kit icarus
"Ile frame me wings of Waxe like Icarus"
Keywords: rengeek brahe
tycho brahe
Keywords: rengeek will
will shakespeare
Keywords: rengeek jonson
ben jonson
Keywords: writing matthew
image Eric Stoltz, text from Whiskey & Water
Keywords: spies mfu geekier than the average spy
David McCallum & Robert Vaughn
Keywords: muppetology floyd pepper groovy
Keywords: writing patience
detail from the cover of my novel Blood & Iron, by Paul Youll
Keywords: writing semicolon
Keywords: animation wallace cheese
Keywords: literature charlotte some spider
detail of art from E. B. White's book Charlotte's Web
Keywords: sf sapphire and steel kiss (darkness)
David McCallum & Joanna Lumley in "Sapphire and Steel"
Keywords: sf doctor FANtastic!
Keywords: ascii frog by Jean Seok
Keywords: writing sf starwars wookiee stet
icon by sandandsilk, quote from stillsostrange
Keywords: rengeek kit faustus commodorified
mispunctuated quote from Marlowe's FAUSTUS, icon by commodorified
Keywords: comic tick ninjas hedge
from the Tick #3, Night of a Million Zillion Ninjas, Ben Edlund
Keywords: rengeek skinhead fortinbras
Rufus Sewell as Fortinbras, text from The Skinhead Hamlet
Keywords: rengeek player king
Richard Dreyfus in "Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead," Tom Stoppard
Keywords: rengeek fucking silence
from "the skinhead hamlet"
Keywords: spies mfu hustle napoleon & albert our a
Robert Vaughn from MFU and Hustle, quote from MFU
Keywords: spies avengers steed and peel needed
The Avengers, Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee
Keywords: lion in winter dead
katharine hepburn & peter o'toole, play by james goldman
Keywords: lion in winter oops
anthony hopkins and timothy dalton, play by james goldman
Keywords: can't sleep books will eat me
Heem, Jan Davidsz. de; 1628; still life with books
Keywords: writing literature vonnegut
Keywords: writing literature vonnegut asshole
art and quote, Kurt Vonnegut (punctuation mine)
Keywords: writing carnival
detail of cover art, quote from my novel "Carnival"
Keywords: rengeek superbard! _ strangepowers
detail from the poster for the World Shakespeare Congress
Keywords: writing genocide
WiP icon for Undertow
Keywords: writing rengeek magpie mind
Keywords: muppetology cooking Bork! Bork! Bork!
my fefureete-a Mooppet cherecter hes elveys beee der Svedeesh Cheff
Keywords: masturbation
quote from "Kinsey"
Keywords: writing rengeek stratford man
image from the Swedish opera "William," text from THE STRATFORD MAN
Keywords: wicked fairy bowie
Keywords: david bowie black tie - sosostris2012
Image from "Jump They Say" video
Keywords: writing gorey earbrass conscious but ver
text and quote from E. Gorey's THE UNSTRUNG HARP
Keywords: writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro
text and image from E. Gorey, THE UNSTRUNG HARP
Keywords: david bowie realism _ truepenny
Keywords: twain & tesla
Samuel Clemens and Nikola Tesla, 1894
Keywords: problem cat
Keywords: iggy pop chairman of the bored
jim osterberg a/k/a iggy pop
Keywords: iggy pop amazing abdomen
jim osterberg a/k/a iggy pop
Keywords: criminal minds reid and garcia shit
Kirsten Vangsness and Matthew Gray Gubler, Criminal Minds, 2006 screencaps courtesy of cattylizzie
Keywords: criminal minds reid yes i'm a genius
Matthew Gray Gubler, Criminal Minds 2006 screencaps screencaps courtesy of cattylizzie
Keywords: criminal minds boom
Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore
Keywords: comics invisibles king mob
Grant Morrison's Invisibles
Keywords: comics invisibles lord fanny
Grant Morrison's Invisibles
Keywords: comics bone stupid stupid rat creatures
Jeff Smith's Bone
Keywords: lion in winter broken because you're bri
katharine hepburn, play by james goldman
Keywords: writing dust rengeek shakespeare
Icon for "dust," image of a falcon wingprint in snow, text from Cymbeline
Keywords: writing dust bible 'house of dust"
Icon for "dust." image, blues guitarist Johnny Winter, standing in for Tristen
Keywords: criminal minds gideon and morgan gun
Mandy Patinkin and Shemar Moore, screencaps courtesy of cattylizzie
Keywords: criminal minds fate
screencap cattylizzie
Keywords: rengeek the puppet (poisoninjest)
stage direction from Bartholomew Fair, Ben Jonson
Keywords: criminal minds hotch my fandom's mom
Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner, screencap courtesy of slash_girl
Keywords: criminal minds hotch somewhat incongruou
Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner, screencap courtesy of slash_girl
Keywords: criminal minds prentiss facepalm
Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss
Keywords: criminal minds hotch shades of justice
Keywords: criminal minds garcia glam femme geek
Keywords: holmes confidence
jeremy brett as sherlock holmes
Keywords: criminal minds reid weep
quote, Jean Anouilh
Keywords: criminal minds reid forgive yourself
Keywords: criminal minds hotch save your life
Keywords: writing whiskey soul
Keywords: writing plot octopus
Keywords: writing edda of burdens fenris wolf
Keywords: writing gorey vast reluctance
Keywords: sf star trek horta/spock
Keywords: rengeek will and tilda
quote from Henry VIII
Keywords: evile overbear
by jmeadows
Keywords: bad girls helen mirren
she plays Abby Irene, in my head
Keywords: bad girls mae west
Keywords: bad girls marlene make my day
Keywords: leighton pavonia
Keywords: spies mfu scotland before you
Keywords: spies mfu sleeps on planes
Keywords: daffodils
My kitchen table, spring 2007
Keywords: criminal minds morgan galahad
Keywords: writing whiskey wicked faerie
Keywords: muppetology beaker meep meep
Keywords: lion in winter dalton love me
Keywords: criminal minds hotch and prentiss tennys
Keywords: criminal minds jj & reid tennyson
Keywords: criminal minds prentiss deed's sake tenn
Keywords: spies mfu illya all wet
Keywords: spies mfu illya bitch please _ truepenny
Keywords: spies mfu glower flowers
Keywords: spies steed horseback
Keywords: spies sandbaggers sense of occasion
Keywords: shotgun sf torchwood cap'n jack
Keywords: sf doctor who meant to be?
Keywords: writing whiskey devil
Keywords: sf farscape pilot
Keywords: spies mfu get plastered
Keywords: writing headbang
Keywords: criminal minds reid verray parfait genti
Keywords: criminal minds jj this is the lie
Keywords: spies i spy ispy
Keywords: criminal minds elle reid gideon daddy is
Keywords: criminal minds elle lucky
Keywords: criminal minds gideon murder before coff
Keywords: writing goddamned verbs slithytove
Keywords: muppetology animal deadlines
Keywords: writing shadow unit chaz gravity
Keywords: criminal minds reid fashion police
Keywords: tea
Keywords: atc
Keywords: criminal minds prentiss text
Keywords: criminal minds bad shirt brigade
Keywords: criminal minds garcia mallory merlin
Keywords: criminal minds morgan land of tears
Keywords: criminal minds hotch and reid has your b
Keywords: criminal minds geeks with guns
Keywords: criminal minds reid out out
Keywords: criminal minds reid airquotes
Keywords: criminal minds reid matthew 24:2
"Do you see all these things? I tell you the truth, not one stone will be left on another; every one will be cast down."
Keywords: criminal minds prentiss reid hold my gun
Keywords: criminal minds reid 0.o
Keywords: criminal minds reid mathematics
Keywords: criminal minds reid eat
Keywords: muppetology animal santa
Keywords: always winter
Keywords: criminal minds morgan hotch government
Keywords: criminal minds gideon kill fast
Keywords: writing eddas by the mountain bound
Keywords: hustle ash dickhead
Keywords: hustle ash really
Keywords: hustle micket con is on
Keywords: hustle mickey hustle
Keywords: hustle mickey trust me
Keywords: hustle mickey worrying
Keywords: hustle ash hell yes
Keywords: criminal minds reid bitchy
Keywords: criminal minds hotch you just did
Keywords: criminal minds rossi tv
Keywords: criminal minds hotch trauma hair
Keywords: criminal minds morgan situational awaren
Keywords: speak truth to power
Keywords: criminal minds garcia technopeasant
Keywords: 0.o
Keywords: jarts: internet lawn defense league
Keywords: cat and mouse
photo by batwrangler
Keywords: writing new amsterdam
artwork by patrick arrasmith
Keywords: ace the wonder dog
Keywords: criminal minds prentiss reid awful troof
Keywords: criminal minds jj hit what she aimed at
Keywords: criminal minds rossi clowns
Keywords: criminal minds reid runs like a girl
Keywords: crminal minds prentiss can take it
Keywords: criminal minds morgan pretty/funny
Keywords: criminal minds reid seeing things
Keywords: criminal minds morgan and reid brothers
Keywords: loose tea for loose women
Keywords: literature sally and encyclopedia
Keywords: me and a troll
Photo credit scarlettina
Keywords: writing shadow unit reyes alpha
Keywords: true blood tara dumb
Rutina Wesley as the best thing on the worst thing on TV
Keywords: true blood lafayette god save
Keywords: new england quiet before the work
photo credit: me. text from "Sounding," also by me.
Keywords: wire in the blood, writing shadow unit todd remorseful
Keywords: new england maple leaves cambridge
Keywords: criminal minds pentiss and reid back
Keywords: criminal minds diana reid crazy
Keywords: writing steles burning
Keywords: criminal minds reid purple shirt
Keywords: criminal minds prentiss jj girls with gu
Keywords: new england maple leaves manchesterct
Keywords: bad girls firefighters
women firefighters at pearl harbor, detail of an image from LIFE, dec 1941
Keywords: mythbusters kari eye
Keywords: mythbusters adam mayhem
Keywords: writing palencar horrid glory
detail from a John Jude Palencar illustration for "The Horrid Glory of its Wings"
Keywords: writing leri loki
detail of illustration for "Hobnoblin Blues" by Dave Leri
Keywords: me and sunil
Keywords: criminal minds garcia plan b
Keywords: criminal minds garcia the love
Keywords: criminal minds jj and prentiss shirt
Keywords: ruffian
Keywords: genuine risk
Keywords: criminal minds hotch well fuck
Keywords: criminal minds morgan garcia gotcha
Keywords: criminal minds morgan garcia o.g.
Keywords: new england bare trees winter manchester
Keywords: criminal minds rossi not good
Keywords: criminal minds prentiss try me
Keywords: superhuman
Keywords: writing eternal sky rog
detail of cover art by Donato Giancola for RANGE OF GHOSTS
Keywords: criminal minds garcia girls who wear gla
Keywords: bear by san
by plunderpuss
Keywords: me at wfc
photo by Ellen Datlow
Keywords: writing karen memory
Detail from the cover of Karen Memory, by Cynthia Sheppard
Keywords: writing eternal sky gage
Keywords: massive hangover ogham
from a 9th century Irish manuscript. Literal translation, "Ale has killed us." Figuratively, "massive hangover."
Keywords: bad girls miss fisher