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Keywords: (GW) Group Smile! <3
Keywords: (YGO)Seto/Mokie brotherly fluffles!
Keywords: (YGO)rar
gacked from kebicon
Keywords: (YGO)llama llama Kaiba
by lavaliere @ iconicalyhales
Keywords: (YGO) puppy luv
Keywords: (GW) OT3
made by KC
Keywords: (YGO) Phallic symbols abound..
Keywords: (YGO) OTP
made by pleiades_rising
Keywords: (YGO) Aroo??
made by: oops_itbroke
Keywords: (FF)You knew this joke was coming...
made by: animekittysama
Keywords: (kkm)Teeheehee Yuuri's copin' a feel
made by inuvampy
Keywords: (YGO) Puppyshipping: Dance Dance!!
made by azzie_icons
Keywords: (YGO)Yuugi WOOTmade by: <lj user="animek
Yuugi WOOanimekittysama
Keywords: (kkm)Wolf's a noob
made by celticepickle
Keywords: (kkm)bitch, you're MINE
made by akainagi
Keywords: (kkm)Run!! Yuuri!! RUN!
made by broken_sunshine
Keywords: (KH2) hell, I'd tap that
made by siriusjazz for me ♥ touch and fucking die, noobs!!!
Keywords: (KH2) BEST LINE EVAR!!! PWNED!
made by ladylenne
Keywords: (kkm)Troo Wuv!
by byos_praiser
Keywords: (kkm) Poor Wolf
Keywords: (kkm) Wolf's manners
by xinyu
Keywords: (FF) ANGST..would ya like a cookie?
made by apricot_icons
Keywords: (kkm)yuuram moment
made by evercool
Keywords: (kkm) Artist
by lavaliere @ akainagi
Keywords: (kkm) Durr-hurr-hurr
by lavaliere @ soraki
Keywords: (TRC)O Rly?
by lavaliere @ mikan_tsumore
Keywords: (Loveless) Lazy Soubi
by evercool @ evercool
Keywords: [EI] Wooing Gurls
By ~ icons_by_li
Keywords: [EI] Its a quite luvly henge....
By ~ icons_by_li
Keywords: PotC: Flee!!!
made by mear
Keywords: (TSU) Fai wants smex
made by evercool
Keywords: (kkm) Here comes the airplane...
made by evercool
Keywords: (kkm)Conzak is so gei
gackted from umeko_pyon
Keywords: (FF)Yuffentine = <3
Made by vaudeicons_
Keywords: (kkm) Ho' SHIT!
made by iconchacha
Keywords: (xxxholic)Douwata
made by megaloo13
Keywords: (YGO) Kaiba fail
made by snowgarden
Keywords: (kkm)rough
made by asinful
Keywords: (FF)OneWingedAngle
Made by me; inside joke >>
Keywords: (kkm) Wolyuu
taken from sal_the_baka
Keywords: (RL) Chess
Maya Project of Doom...
Keywords: (FFX) AuronFKURSHIT
Keywords: (FFVII) SephyCloud
Seph's abusing privilages
Keywords: (FAKE) Dee&Ryo
My ultimate OTP
Keywords: (PW)BedNOW!
Narumitsu <3
Keywords: (KKM)The Brothers
by chalp
Keywords: (KKM)YuuramFall
by chalp
Keywords: (PW) Chill!
Gacked from Sauce
Keywords: (PW) Pr0n
Gacked from Sauce
Keywords: (Naruto) Disco Ball
by doomlandbubbles
Keywords: (Naruto) BFF
by doomlandbubbles
Keywords: (Naruto) <s>best</s>Worst Big Bro EVAR
by doomlandbubbles
Keywords: (Naruto) Beautiful Green Beast of Konoha
by doomlandbubbles
Keywords: (PW) Keeping it on the DL
by houndstooth
Keywords: (PW)Gumshoe+Missle=Win
by houndstooth
Keywords: Righteous Sideburn Dood
Keywords: (GL)Viral Family
Most awesome and saddest moment
Keywords: (M00) Al x Rockon
from @ puncture
Keywords: (M00) Alle x Tieria
Keywords: (M00) Se-chan +Exia = OTP
Keywords: (M00) Stupid Sexy Lockon
Keywords: (PotC) Will X Jack
gackted from zethel
Keywords: (M00)TeamPatrickFAIL
Keywords: (GL) GARhalla Vice!!
gacket from cftfic
Keywords: (M00) LockTrap
made by eloque
Keywords: (DGM) Lavi x Allen
made by bitterwork
Keywords: (DGM) y, hallo there...
made by: domlandbubbles
Keywords: (DGM) Lavi OH NO's
made by: domlandbubbles
Keywords: (YGO)SecurityBlanket
made by: sorcererhuntres
Keywords: (YGO) You make Kaiba a sad panda...
made by: sorcererhuntres
Keywords: (DMG)Stalkers
made by: <lj user="domlandbubbles"
Keywords: (FF:CC) The apple doesn't fall far....
made by: domlandbubbles
Keywords: (FF:CC) Do the hustle....
made by: domlandbubbles
Keywords: (FF:CC) John, George, Paul and Ringo..
made by: domlandbubbles
Keywords: (FF:CC) He's some kind of fabulous retar
made by: domlandbubbles
Keywords: (M00) Tieria <3
Keywords: (M00)00t3
by angelmaria
Keywords: (YGO)And I'll Call Him George....
gacked from limerocker
Keywords: (M00) Fierce
plaids @ aspalas
Keywords: (M00) Stripin'
plaids @ aspalas
Keywords: (M00) M0OT3
♂ niyin at dividedicons
Keywords: (Okami)Aroo?
made by suncide
Keywords: (Okami) Idea
made by suncide
Keywords: (Okami) Wakalaka
made by suncide
Keywords: (Sonic) On My Way
made by: momogirl12345
Keywords: (PR) Tim Gun lol
gacked from js1113
Keywords: (xxxHolic) Donut <3
Keywords: (xxxHolic) For me?
Keywords: (TRC) KuroFai <3
Keywords: (PW) Quater! I founds one!
crediting to lady_agrias
made by stone_rose_door
Keywords: (M00) OM NOM NOM
made by stone_rose_door
Keywords: (Loveless) Comfort
made by ushitora_icons
Keywords: (xxxHolic) Squee!
made by ushitora_icons
Keywords: (xxxHolic) Donuts Rabu
made by ushitora_icons
Keywords: (M00) Alle/Setsuna: .....
don't know :( please tell me who you are
Keywords: (PW) OBJECTION!
made by chiboula
made by chiboula
Keywords: (M00) Gr00up Hug
by tekla
Keywords: (AC) EzioFreeRunner
Keywords: (AC) The Flying One
Keywords: (YGO) Yami/Yuugi <3
Keywords: (kuroshit) Impending Glomp
made by me :D
Keywords: (kuroshit) Ceil Omg...
by sixtysixheavens
Keywords: (RL) Jakie-monsters
I don't know who you are! Please tell me!
Keywords: (kkm)Yuuram Wedding Day
Keywords: (M00) HamptismErdeSammich
I don't know who you are! Please tell me!
Keywords: (H&1/2) INTERNET!
I don't know who you are! Please tell me!
Keywords: (PKM) Pikastach
I don't know who you are! Please tell me!
Keywords: (GW) Do Not Want!
Keywords: (YGO) Service plz
Keywords: (M00) AllTier xoxoxo <3
by arusatia
Keywords: (Okami) Fluffles <3
by narben
Keywords: (PW) investiGAYtions
art by dumbimps
Keywords: (HP) Puppyshipping
By samiamagirl
Keywords: (M00) Setsuna EPIC fail!
I don't know who you are! Please tell me!
Keywords: (kkm) Gunter <3
Keywords: (Saiyuki) 58
by nanfoodle Art by sarubaby
Keywords: (kuroshit) "..Says Oscar.."
by narben
Keywords: (kkm) Gwenter <3
made by lytek
Keywords: (kkm) The magic of the crown...
Don't know! Please let me know who you are!
Keywords: (GW) 1x2 <3 Scythe
Keywords: (GW) 3x4 <3
Keywords: (GW) Group piles <3
Keywords: (Saiyuki) Gojyo <3
by inevitableabyss
Keywords: (Saiyuki) GTFO!
by inevitableabyss
Keywords: (Saiyuki) 585 <3
by etherialxlolita
Keywords: (Saiyuki) Hazel x Gat
Gacked from lykotheia
Keywords: (Saiyuki) Hazel/Gat ....
by mrowr
Keywords: (Saiyuki) BOOZE! YAY!
Don't know who you are :( pls tell me!
Keywords: (Saiyuki) Sanzo F-k off!
Don't know who you are :( pls tell me!
Keywords: (GW) GW Boys hanging out on deck
by valsquared
Keywords: (GW) Obligatory 06 with Wild Turkey pic
by valsquared
Keywords: (GW) pirate luz for 06 are pirate lulz
by valsquared
Keywords: (GW) Wufei restless
by valenstyne
Keywords: (YGO) Puppyshipping: Sweet Dreams
made by azzie_icons
Keywords: (YGO) Puppyshipping: Fall
made by azzie_icons
Keywords: (FAKE) Ryo!smack
by anjichan
Keywords: (FAKE) "Cuddling"
by anjichan
Keywords: (FAKE) Warm in your embrace
by anjichan
Keywords: (FAKE) Dee and Ryo
by anjichan
Keywords: (FAKE) Ryo, you tease...
by anjichan
Keywords: (YnM) TzuSoka
by anjichan
Keywords: (FAKE) Drake & JJ
by anjichan
Keywords: (HP) Ten points from Gryffindork
I don't know who you are! Please tell me!
Keywords: (YGO) Kaiba Bros
by lavaliere
Keywords: (HP) House Pride! Gryffindor Holla'!
by flymyprettys
Keywords: (YGO) Puzzleshipping Clouds
I don't know who you are :(
Keywords: (YGO) YGOTAS- Dragon. Woof.
I don't know who you are :(
Keywords: (PW) Apollo: NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!
by lawlicons
Keywords: (PW) Apollo...
by darkenedwings
Keywords: (PW) Justice Sibs
by red_confession
Keywords: (PW) Klapollo: Dumb boyfriend
by lawlicons
Keywords: (PW) Klapollo: Snuggle
by [Bad username: snuggles-castanets]
Keywords: (PW) Klapollo: kiss <3
by withfireandiron
Keywords: (PW) Klapollo: Teamwork
by pfaicons
Keywords: (PW) Klavier: ...
by lawlicons
Keywords: (PW) Klapollo <3
by darkenedwings
Keywords: (PW) Omg Klavier you dork
by darkenedwings
Keywords: (PW) Klapollo: Hugs
by darkenedwings
Keywords: (PW) Klapollo: lean on me <3
by lawlicons
Keywords: (PW) Klapollo: LET ME LOVE YOU!!
by lawlicons
Keywords: (PW) Narumitsu: Pocky kiss
by castanets
Keywords: (PW) Snackoo'd
by pfaicons
Keywords: (PW) Klavier hugs!
by lawlicons
Keywords: (PW) The Wright Family
by red_confession
Keywords: (PW) Narumitsu: Loved from the start
by nyanya_icons