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Keywords: default
ShineDog's adorable insecure pic
Keywords: Numa
Animated dancing puppy
Keywords: screw you
Yeah ... unaltered screenshot from FF6, other than adding the text.
Keywords: corpse launderer
The Corpse Launderer from Six by Nine College
Keywords: red cross
Drawn by Komiyan for the Keenspace Red Cross
Keywords: what
It's Locke, from FF6.
Keywords: woot
Lord Woot's lament after being bitten by werewolf Luprand
Keywords: You bore me
Taken from Yu-Gi-Oh!
Keywords: Dweeeeeeeee!
Lifted directly from Mary Worth and given a caption.
Keywords: grammar nazi
Goose-stepping with a red pen. All hail the master dialect!
Keywords: Clefs
Treble and Bass clefs. My kind of 'shipping fanart.
Keywords: Melodrama
Provided by the inimitable Jenna Starr.
Keywords: writing group
For the writing group community I'm in. Seeing as all my stories end up with werewolves somewhere in them ...
Keywords: Oh dear