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Keywords: sens ;; your face gives you away
Keywords: misc ;; lose yourself in a white mocha
made by re_cycled // hazelnut! :)
Keywords: sens ;; play for the crest on the front
made by voldemortistxx
Keywords: oilers ;; mouthguard porn
Keywords: olympics ;; golden & on top of the world
o canada, our home and native land.
Keywords: misc ;; mouth as big as his heart
Keywords: misc ;; mrs mike fisher(wood)
I'm not sure how I got here or how this ring on my left hand just appeared...♪
Keywords: canes ;; stare you down
Keywords: sens ;; he's half-canadian anyway
Keywords: sens ;; your heart lies at centre ice
personal photo
Keywords: wjc ;; canadians wherever they go
Keywords: wjc ;; in it to win it and then some
Keywords: swimming ;; pool water gaze
jeah! #lightofmylife
Keywords: super series ;; two birds with one stone
Keywords: sens ;; team wade forever