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Keywords: cocaine kate, sweets
only one kate in london
Keywords: bandom, wentzface
peter panda loves drama
Keywords: cryyy, gemma
tearing up on the runway
lindsay is subtle
Keywords: inguna, pretty, werk
inguna being gorgeous
Keywords: judging u
marcelina is judging you
Keywords: barbara, qt
your sweetest baby
Keywords: 2 flawless 4 u, megan
megan being flawless
Keywords: omg lol, smiiiile
sasha and vlada being too qt for words
Keywords: milaaa
mila being gorgeous
Keywords: what a flirt
megan (i'm not good at these userpic things)
Keywords: sasha
the real sasha fierce
Keywords: mila, ~sexy
mila (i'm bad at these description things)
Keywords: megannn, mirror
i wish i could find a better version of this pic
Keywords: sasha being adorable, smiley face
sasha smiles~