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Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Finally
by inspired_truly; “But that's why you love me, because I'm unbelievable.”
Keywords: Cecilia's Tree; The Virgin Suicides
"The other was just gonna end up a kook."
Keywords: Lexie; Hotel Room
by oh_itwaslove; “I respect you...”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Complete
by xxhoney89; "You're the one who put me back together."
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Wedding
by lovable_sin; “Because of you, for the first time in my life, I know what the right thing is.”
Keywords: Lexie; Sweet Surrender
by oh_itwaslove; "You can stop eating now."
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Hug
by sweet_misery712; “Was he, you know, hung?”
Keywords: Mark; Apartment
by xxhoney89; "And Arizona keeps bringing me donuts!"
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Hip Bump
by sweet_misery712; “You have become a crazy person I do not recognize.”
Keywords: Always Sunny in Philadelphia
by ali_cons; “I eat stickers all the time, dude!”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Moving In
by xxhoney89; "I was asking you to move in with me."
Keywords: Glee; Quinn
by blazing_dove; “Somewhere in that pea brain of yours is a man. Access him.”
Keywords: Lexie Grey
by shelightsupwell; “We can't do this, you're Little Grey, and I promised, and... I'm your teacher.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Comfort
by borrowedheavenx; “I’m not going anywhere.”
Keywords: Lexie; Happy
by borrowedheavenx; “Beer for losers.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Flirting
by borrowedheavenx; “Without any innuendo or inappropriate body language.”
Keywords: Mark; Drink
by manderleyicons; “You think I’m the bad guy but I know you want me.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Domestic
by manderleyicons; “Bad idea. Surprise parties are hostile.”
Keywords: Mark; Naked
by manderleyicons; “The Dirty Mistresses Club.”
Keywords: Mark and Derek
by melloniel; “Are you two dating?”
Keywords: Mark; Blow
by manderleyicons; “You better never forget that I would do anything for you.”
Keywords: Simpsons; Q-Tip
by mediocrechick
Keywords: GG; Blair; Hair
by biancaa; “It's so hard finding obedient minions.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Animated
by aftershake; “We can adapt to a hostile enviroment.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Crowns
by borrowedheavenx; “You know it's true. Everything I do, I do it for you.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Silly
by borrowedheavenx; “I would follow your lips anywhere.”
Keywords: GG; Blair; Squee
by mattchbox; “I need answers that don't end in, 'And then I came to America!'.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie
by insomnia_bug; “Tell me why we're talking when we dance so good.”
Keywords: Castle
by crushedrainbows; “I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I?”
Keywords: Meredith/Viper
manderleyicons; “What is it with you guys and your need to dirty everything up?”
Keywords: Chyler Leigh; Hat
by imamonsterr; “I was staring at the sky just looking for a star to wish on.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; An. Nuzzle
by feelgood_icons; “Today is the start of the rest of my life.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Hands
by feelgood_icons; “So come on and hold my hand. I'll take you anywhere you want to go.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; An. Breakfast
by feelgood_icons; “I've watched you suffer but wild horses couldn't drag me away.”
Keywords: Mark; Parent
by feelgood_icons; “I'm crazy about you and I know my dad will be, too.”
Keywords: Mustache
by colorvary; “There's only one place a woman should punch you and that's in the face.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Staring
by fanart_stuff; “All this feels strange and untrue and I won't waste a minute without you.”
Keywords: Mark; McSteamy
by _godhopping; “You can't just go under the knife and leave me a note.”
Keywords: Mark; Grinning
by vargesz; “Dad, this is my... Mark.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Morning
by socialxscene; “To see you when I wake up is a gift I didn't think could be real.”
Keywords: Mark and Derek; What?
by socialxscene; “He's like my other half - not the better looking half.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Ass
by fanart_stuff; “Don’t tell me you haven't noticed the way he's always staring at your ass.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Finally3
by inspired_truly; “Three percent is bad but it's not nothing.”
Keywords: HP; Ron Weasley
by unapologise; “I don't care if my tea leaves spell 'die, Ron, die,' I'm chucking them in the bin.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; An. Roll
by mathhhh; “Don't leave me just yet. I'm not ready to feel cold.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Good Morning
by mathhhh; “I think I'd be good for you and you would be good for me.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Here For You
by manderleyicons; “Something good has to happen today.”
Keywords: Mark; Sad
by mathhhh; “I know it's love if I can cry in front of you and you let me.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Sitting
by mathhhh; “I know you hate me./I don't hate you.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Stroking
by mathhhh; “That's what I like to have done to me when I'm hurt.”
Keywords: Girl; Water
by littlecigars; “We will never find the pieces to put them back together.”
Keywords: Stockings
by unapologise; “Curl up with me on rainy days and we will never be bored.”
Keywords: HP; Group Hug
by partyhard; “And to you if you have stuck with Harry until the very end.”
Keywords: HP; Platform
by maharetishtar; “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
Keywords: GOT; B&W
by ninneve; “I am the wife of the great Kahl and I carry his son inside me.”
Keywords: Jason Momoa
by satedan_fire; “I think I'm naked more than I talk.”
Keywords: GOT; Beautiful
by kikithepirate; “I am but a young girl and know little of the ways of war.”
Keywords: GOT; Face to Face
by ongiara; “Can you teach me how to make the Khal happy?”
Keywords: Chyler Leigh; Baby
by mathhhh; “It is just living life intentionally — that is what I want instead of just existing.”
Keywords: Eric Dane; Baby
by mathhhh; “Having her changed my entire life. I can't imagine my life without her.”
Keywords: Eric and Chyler; Travel
by mathhhh; “I'm leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again.”
Keywords: Mark; Smirk
by mathhhh; “You can keep your secret coffee.”
Keywords: Maddie Sloan
by mathhhh; “I want to be your mommy, Maddie, more than anything. But only if you want that, too.”
Keywords: Lexie; Profile
by manderleyicons; “You're amazing. I haven't had a chance to be amazing yet.”
Keywords: GG; Blair; Wedding
by manderleyicons; “Can anybody find me somebody to love?”
Keywords: Ryan Gosling; Ides
by manderleyicons; You end up being a jaded, cynical asshole, just like me.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Hostile
by inspired_truly; “People jump out at you. It never comes to any good.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Party
by inspired_truly; “Speaks for itself.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Dinner
by inspired_truly; “I told you I can show you a nice night that's not at all awkward.”
Keywords: Eric Dane; Shower
by lexiegrey; “You may not think he's perfect but he's perfect for me.”
Keywords: Eric Dane; Towel
by lexiegrey; “He can make anything look good while doing it.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Quick
by versatilityy; “Every kiss with you is just like the first.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Flood
by versatilityy; “I don't listen to anyone if the words don't come from you.”
Keywords: Zola; Aunt Lexie
by borrowedheavenx; “You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Coffee
by borrowedheavenx; “I want to tell the Germans to kiss my ass.”
Keywords: Lexie; Sneaky
by borrowedheavenx; “I have a lot more uses than what people give me credit for.”
Keywords: Mark and Derek; Outdoors
by borrowedheavenx; “People with guns are more likely to fire.”
Keywords: Lexie; Excited
by borrowedheavenx; “She was so happy, she almost didn't seem real.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Pinkies
by borrowedheavenx; “Even without the sex, we talk and laugh.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Broken
by borrowedheavenx; “I don't want you to see me like this./I made you like this.”
Keywords: McFamily
by borrowedheavenx; “I had to get the scrubs with the elastic waistband.”
Keywords: Mark; Quote
by borrowedheavenx; “Don't get naked with an intern.”
Keywords: Owen Hunt
by borrowedheavenx; “Take care now.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Surgeons
by borrowedheavenx; “That Lexie Grey sure knows how to wrap herself around a suture.”
Keywords: Lexie; Derek
by borrowedheavenx; “Either you take her home or I will.”
Keywords: Mark; Big Sloan
by borrowedheavenx; “Little Sloan does not enter Little Grey.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Denver
by borrowedheavenx; “You only live once. You can't waste it.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Injury
by borrowedheavenx; “It was worth it.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Thatcher
by borrowedheavenx; “I'm closer to your dad's age than to yours.”
Keywords: Sadie Harris
by borrowedheavenx; “The adventures of Deth and Die.”
Keywords: Mark; Flood
by borrowedheavenx; “It’s the part that comes after that matters.”
Keywords: Eric Dane; Interview
by lexiegrey; “I didn't take my shirt off but I can be bought.”
Keywords: Lexie; Longing
by borrowedheavenx; “I wish you were so much closer to me than what you are.”
Keywords: Meredith; Drink
by borrowedheavenx; “Why isn't my house homey, George? Izzie can't fix a feeling!”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; First
by borrowedheavenx; “I know my destination. But I'm just not there.”
Keywords: Eric and Chyler; B&W
by lexiegrey; “Lexie is the love of Mark’s life.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Innocent
by borrowedheavenx; “Dr. Grey is on coffee duty.”
Keywords: Lexie; Laughing
by borrowedheavenx; “I know I'm pathetic and George doesn't even know I exist.”
Keywords: Mark; Laughing
by borrowedheavenx; “No, Lassie, there won't be a next time.”
Keywords: Lexie and Meredith
by borrowedheavenx; “That is an alarmingly high ponytail.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Lunch
by borrowedheavenx; “She's a very sweet girl who's also off limits.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Angst
by borrowedheavenx; “If we can't do that then I can't do this.”
Keywords: Lexie; Photographic Memory
by borrowedheavenx; “The case was extremely rare. And you nailed it.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Derek
by versatilityy; “I think you both are amazing doctors!”
Keywords: Mark; Cocky
by borrowedheavenx; “Unless you still want to chop out the front part of his brain.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Little
by borrowedheavenx; “And suddenly, all you can think about is their little.”
Keywords: Lexie; Confused
by borrowedheavenx; “I've been told to seek out sex as an alternative to my sad predicament.”
Keywords: Eric and Chyler
by lexiegrey; “You do not get to be charmed by this, because this is not charming.”
Keywords: Eric Dane; Behind
by lexiegrey; “I wasn't asking you to come see the condo. I was asking you to move in with me.”
Keywords: Chyler Leigh; Charity
by lexiegrey; “It was like “McBarHussy”, “McMerderWedge”.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Deleted
by lexiegrey; “No, don't go. It's a big day for me.”
Keywords: Mark; Confident
by lexiegrey; “I can make you scream in languages you don't even know.”
Keywords: Lexie; Hair
by lexiegrey; “You can try keeping the I just got laid smile off your face.”
Keywords: Lexie; Straw
by lexiegrey; “You all sound really old.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Bed
by lexiegrey; “Everything out there is changing except this right here with you.”
Keywords: Mark; Pickle
by lexiegrey; “Lunch. Want my pickle?”
Keywords: Mark; Wedding
by lexiegrey; “Oh, that's easy. Lexie Grey.”
Keywords: Lexie; High School
by lexiegrey; “He's fun and he's funny. Even with no sex, we just laugh and we talk.”
Keywords: Mark; High School
by lexiegrey; “If I'd gone off to the woods, I would've invited you to keep me warm.”
Keywords: Mark; Thinking
by lexiegrey; “They're medical professionals. A healthy level of fear is encouraged.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Naked
by lexiegrey; “I'm not hitting much of anything these days.”
Keywords: Beach Love
by lexiegrey; “What a man wants is a mate and what a woman wants is infinite security.”
Keywords: Jackie and Hyde
by inthe_sunshine; “Steven, are you listening to me?/God help me, I am.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; B&W
by manderleyicons; “Why are you talking about sex with me? I'm your teacher.”
Keywords: GA; House Lights
by manderleyicons; “We can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart.”
Keywords: Sleeping Beauty; Aurora
by manderleyicons; “I'm really not supposed to speak to strangers but we've met before.”
Keywords: Amy Adams
by manderleyicons; “It's tempting to see things the way you wish they were instead of how they are.”
Keywords: Gone with the Wind
by manderleyicons; “You should be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Elevator
by manderleyicons; “I'm sorry, Grey. Was there something you wanted to say to anyone here?”
Keywords: Jack the Ripper
by lexiegrey; “Men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Split
by versatilityy; “You're gonna make us late.”
Keywords: Chyler Leigh; Sexy
by lexiegrey; “Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can't figure out what from.”
Keywords: Mark; Head
by kankonkine; “You put the Berlin wall up around Lexie.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Public
by borrowedheavenx; “They think that you’re taking advantage of me. They think that I’m using you.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Hotel
by mathhhh; “You’re not touching anything. Got it? No touching.”
Keywords: Lexie and Sadie
by mathhhh; “Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.”
Keywords: Mark and Derek; Roof
by icon_supernova; “Oh, he's a cancer. He infects everything.”
Keywords: CM; Derek and Emily
by alwaysxinfinite; “I think I miss you already.”
Keywords: Eric and Chyler; Formal
by lexiegrey; “When it was dark, you always carried the sun in your hand for me.”
Keywords: Eric Dane; Half
by lexiegrey; “Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
Keywords: Les Mis; Side
by lesmisicons; “Is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play?”
Keywords: Aaron Tveit
credit @jlicons; “Cats and I have an understanding but we choose not to interact often.”
Keywords: Anna Kendrick
credit @pfvrzerrie; “I literally had to imagine I had a penis to get through it.”
Keywords: Stock; Quote
by unapologise; “I desire the things that will destroy me in the end.”
Keywords: Stock; Heart
by dangaus_skonis; “I remember what this flesh has gone through; I dream of what it may go through.”
Keywords: Stock; Couple
by bluebraid; “We should meet in another life, we should meet in air, me and you.”
Keywords: Friday Night Lights
by forever_blondes; “At least she's not interested in some serial killer... or one of the Riggins.”
Keywords: Stock; B&W
by unapologise; “I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”
Keywords: Stock; Funny
by unapologise; “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.”
Keywords: Stock; Brain
by bluebraid; “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
Keywords: Les Mis; Profile
by mirrorskies; “Have you asked yourselves what's the price you might pay?”
Keywords: Stock; Water
by bluebraid; “Our pleasures in this world are always to be paid for.”
Keywords: Tom Hardy
by fallingstars; “You don’t step on stage to eat, you go there to be eaten.”
Keywords: Aaron Tveit; Yellow
by mirroriste; “I can’t look at him. Look at his face and try to focus.”
Keywords: Graceland; Smirk
xohearted12; “I believe there's evil in the world, and I'll fight it, and win.”
Keywords: Tom Hardy; Plaid
by fallingstars; “You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”
Keywords: Romeo and Juliet
by iconzicons; “When he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars.”
Keywords: Mike and Charlie; Fire
by inawhirl_icons; “So I'm your boyfriend?/My cocky, confident boyfriend.”
Keywords: Mike and Charlie; Sand
by inawhirl_icons; “I like the scar. Makes you look tough.”
Keywords: TVD; Klaus and Caroline
by mathhhh; “He's your first love. I intend to be your last.”
Keywords: Graceland; Actor
credit @catherinewellerstein; “We're just saying she can't adopt you because you've already been adopted.”
Keywords: Samantha Barks
credit @cborderglitz; “I like to scare myself and throw myself off the deep end.”
Keywords: Romeo and Juliet; Kiss
by iconzicons; “Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.”
Keywords: Rebecca
manderleyicons; “We're not meant for happiness, you and I.”
Keywords: Graceland; Mug Shot
by inawhirl_icons; “There’s no one here that I can be honest with. It’s all lies.”
Keywords: Breaking Bad
by wicked_signs; “A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? I'm the one who knocks!”
Keywords: Stock; Cupcake
by perfection; “Everything in this room is edible. Even I'm edible. But that would be called canibalism.”
Keywords: Jackie and Hyde; Cheer
by inthe_sunshine; “I like make-up and diets and Steven here likes black things and throwing stuff.”
Keywords: Disney; Belle
by starry_night; “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.”
Keywords: Graceland; Bow
by ginevra17; “I'm a federal agent, dumbass.”
Keywords: Stock; Bed
by bluebraid; “I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination.”
Keywords: Breaking Bad; Jesse
by rocksinthebox; “Just because you shot Jesse James don’t make you Jesse James.”
Keywords: Stock; Hold Still
by manderleyicons; “There are so many things that I want so badly to tell you but I just can't.”
Keywords: Stock; Regency
by manderleyicons; “I could easily forgive his pride if he had not mortified mine.”
Keywords: Lexie; Faceless
by birdshapedcloud; “We take one little oath and suddenly we're drowning in obligations.”
Keywords: Mark; Elevator
by nightopera; “And since no one is going to be coming in, I'm now going to climb into bed with you.”
Keywords: Meredith; Morning
by sallygrey; “We see a path and we take it. Even when we have no idea where we're going.”
Keywords: SH; Ichabod & Abbie
by nichecorner; “Imagine the delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it.”
Keywords: Stock; Famous
by unapologise; “There’s nothing you could become that I haven’t already fallen in love with.”
Keywords: Stock; Poem
by unapologise; “From the ashes a fire shall be woken. A light from the shadows shall spring.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Goodbye
by inspired_truly; “What I'm trying to say is, you're it. This is it for me.”
Keywords: Stock; Bright
by bluebraid; “Wasn’t hitting bottom the thing that showed you which way was up?”
Keywords: Stock; Coffee
by bluebraid; “I don't even want to start this day because then I'll just be expected to finish it.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Fun
by versatilityy; “He made her feel like more than the sum of her parts.”
Keywords: Stock; Fireworks
by bluebraid; “And I'll be Boba Fett. I'll cross the sky for you.”
Keywords: Stock; Write
by unapologise; “All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
Keywords: Stock; Read
by unapologise; “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
Keywords: Stock; Sleep
by unapologise; “I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake.”
Keywords: Stock; Ponder
by unapologise; “Sadness can find you anywhere, anytime, so you better have fun when you can.”
Keywords: Stock; Love
by unapologise; “I won't kiss you. It might get to be a habit and I can't get rid of habits.”
Keywords: Stock; Passion
by unapologise; “I don't want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again.”
Keywords: Mark and Derek; Pout
by sallygrey; “Derek and I always did have the same taste in women.”
Keywords: Disney; Tangled
by soaked; “Let's just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn't like me.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Eyes
by littlelexipedia; “You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”
Keywords: Stock; Sunshine
by unapologise; “She nourishes the poison in her veins and is consumed by a secret fire.”
Keywords: Anne Boleyn
by meganbmoore; “And when I no longer hated him, he began to hate me. Except for that one day.”
Keywords: Chicago Fire; Kelly
by babyara; “Underneath this veneer of slightly crazy and mildly socially retarded,I'm a complete disaster.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Late
by versatilityy; “I've grown tired of that place. Won't you come with me? We could start again.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Almost
by versatilityy; “It reminded me twice that I was alive. And it reminded me that you’re so worth the fight.”
Keywords: Romeo and Juliet; Bed
by iconzicons; “Do not swear by the moon for she changes constantly. Then your love would also change.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Black
by vargesz; “Tonight, the light of love is in your eyes but will you still love me tomorrow?”
Keywords: Gannicus; Grin
by equanimousicons; “I am for wine and the embrace of questionable women.”
Keywords: Gannicus; Fight
by equanimousicons; “If I am to die, at least I shall die amongst brothers.”
Keywords: Gannicus and Sibyl
by babyara; “You were the one sent and I in need of saving.”
Keywords: Sibyl
by rory_tutorgirl; “You once said to me that the gods had sent me to save you.”
Keywords: Stock; Books
by bluebraid; “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”
Keywords: Stock; Ice Cream
by bluebraid; “Ice-cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal.”
Keywords: Stock; Laptop
ruby@perfection; “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Keywords: Gannicus and Sibyl; Yellow
by mundodefieras; “See it repaid by staying far from my presence and men of my kind.”
Keywords: Gannicus and Sibyl; Red
by mundodefieras; “I’ve warned you to stay far from men of my kind.”
Keywords: Gannicus and Sibyl; Split
by mundodefieras; “Perhaps you should hold with water and more purer thoughts.”
Keywords: Stock; Tattoos
by fallingstars; “It's hard to resist a bad boy who's a good man.”
Keywords: Stock; Blake
accordion@socialxscene; “She's a mystery, a cipher, something nearly extinct these days.”
Keywords: Gannicus and Sibyl; B&W
by spartapuss; “There is no life absent your touch.”
Keywords: Stock; Space
by bluebraid; “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Kiss
by bystarlight_; “A man may court a pretty girl, and perhaps be welcomed back again.”
Keywords: Despicable Me
by nadya149; “When we got adopted by a bald guy, I thought this would be more like Annie.”
Keywords: Mark; Shirtless
by maliciousmotive; “I don't feel comfortable taking my shirt off in public.”
Keywords: Stock; Twins
ruby@perfection; “That’s right boys, I made twins. Two babies, one shot.”
Keywords: Northanger Abbey
by netherfield_x; “Now I must give one smirk and then we may be rational again.”
Keywords: Stock; Flowers
ruby@perfection; “Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”
Keywords: Stock; Family
ruby@perfection; “I have learned that to be with those I like is enough.”
Keywords: Stock; Bride
ruby@perfection; “You are the closest I will ever come to magic.”
Keywords: Stock; Child
ruby@perfection; “Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”
Keywords: Mark and Lexie; Little Big
by juicy_berries; “I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
Keywords: Stock; Shark
by unapologise; “You are so brave and quiet, I forget you are suffering.”
Keywords: Stock; Girl
ruby@perfection; “You won't do our things with another girl, or say the same things, will you?”
Keywords: Graceland; Suit
by inawhirl_icons; “After you do what we do, nothing else feels like real life.”
Keywords: Lawless; Forrest
by waffle_icons; “I'm a Bondurant. We don't lay down for nobody.”
Keywords: Lawless; Forrest & Maggie
by room_6277; “You just gonna watch me forever?”
Keywords: Sibyl; Pray
by rory_tutorgirl; “You have made all in the world.”
Keywords: Gannicus and Sibyl; Hurt
by rory_tutorgirl; “You ask the impossible.”
Keywords: TWD; Beth
by rhythminrain; “You're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon.”
Keywords: TWD; Daryl
by rhythminrain; “You want to know what I was before all of this? I was nobody. Nothing.”

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