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Keywords: misc calvin and hobbes make faces
by: alivicwil
Keywords: misc calvin and hobbes fight
by: opened_icons
Keywords: misc oregon trail way to be a moron
by: sup_internets
Keywords: p and p darcy ardently admires you
by: redscharlach
Keywords: p and p lizzy is excessively diverted
by: redscharlach
Keywords: p and p lady catherine is not pleased
by: redscharlach
Keywords: misc palin global warming
by: those_icons
Keywords: nfl germ wings
by: me
Keywords: mov twilight sparklemotion
stolen from himynameishelen
Keywords: mov sixteen candles fred she's gotten he
by: suzyx
Keywords: mov TDK have I threatened you before
by: suzyx
Keywords: mov charlie's broke ass
by: mrbnatural
Keywords: tv glee that's how sue c's it
Keywords: mov mary poppins extremely stubborn
by: peaces_icons
Keywords: FIVE HOLE