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Keywords: hands behind back
from "Winged Psyche," Johannes Hoffman
Keywords: psykhe
an image of a man and his psykhe
Keywords: kiss
from a 1st c. painting of Cupid and Psyche from Pompeii
Keywords: dark waters
from "Burden of Psyche" by Jacqueline Morreau
Keywords: voluptua
"Voluptua," sandcast sculpture by Gabrielle Horvath
Keywords: asleep with book
from a pastel study of Psyche by Warren Criswell
Keywords: adoration
Keywords: art gallery 2
Keywords: carried away
from "The Ravishment," by Bourgereau
Keywords: chibi: sad psyche
Keywords: chibi: smitten
Keywords: manga!
pic made at "Face Your Manga" site.
Keywords: pensive
PB Alison Doody, from the "Jim Henson's The Storyteller" episode "Sapsorrow"
Keywords: held
Keywords: ...?, quizzical
from "Psyche," by Carl Steinhauser