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Keywords: ::film:: oh hai there you
created by hepburnette
Keywords: ::text:: you should try it sometime
created by jackshoegazer
Keywords: ::film:: i don't care enough
created by jackshoegazer
Keywords: ::misc:: i only kiss w. tongue
created by theidolhands
Keywords: ::misc:: smooches
created by croatoan6000
Keywords: ::tv:: my tv wife has pet dragons
created by orangelusik
Keywords: ::film:: the fuck you say?
created by daianara
Keywords: ::film:: bookends of the same soul
created by megan_moonlight
Keywords: ::misc:: yummy
created by shalowater
Keywords: ::film:: 100% fassy approved
created by hincksia
Keywords: ::tv:: show me what bad girls do
created by i_rise_inside
Keywords: ::misc:: i'd rather be drunk
created by jackshoegazer
Keywords: ::film:: fuck yeah!
created by starrose17
Keywords: ::film:: chess is the new gay
created by equanimousicons
Keywords: :tv: you're my touchstone
created by anascully