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Keywords: movies | Impish Fräulein2
By hobbitofkobol@lastgleamings.
Keywords: fakenews| LMFAO
Keywords: copshows| Nick Townsend
Keywords: copshows| SoJ
Justice has never been more stylish.
Keywords: fakenews| Lewis Black
Dealing with the absurdities of life and contemporary politics.
Keywords: fakenews| Aasif Mandvi
Keywords: copshows| 'Sup
...And then, Eric Delko literally came outta *nowhere* and was all like "SUP LADIES".
Keywords: text | Girl Boner
Keywords: fakenews| Mandvi polaroid
Keywords: comedy | Homey D. Clown
Many, many thanks to onlylvstrangers, now cake_and_punch.
Keywords: comedy | DAFGKGLK
In fond, lol'ving memory of comedyicontest.
Keywords: movies| --the Fuck?
nevadafighter@dramaticons gets CRAZY LOVE for doing Kiss of Death icons. Fuckin A.
Keywords: misc. | David Caruso
I love you, jeremybrettfan, for inspiring this.
Keywords: misc. | Africa City
"The capital of Africa is Africa City" -- A snarky Geography lesson by joyquality + ladypolitik.
Keywords: text | You LOSE
Keywords: SwC | Jerri Blank
"I was a user, a boozer, and a loser."
Keywords: text | BS
It is what it is.
Keywords: movies| Mean Girls
"Do you know what everyone says about you behind your back?"
Keywords: comedy | Richard Pryor
December 1, 1940 – December 10, 2005.
Keywords: movies| PUT IT DOWN
Step AWAY from the APFELSTRUDEL. From the amazingly hilarious imagination of iconzicons.
Keywords: parody | EAT HEARTY
Tonight, Spartans shall Have It [Their] Way™. From the amazingly hilarious imagination of iconzicons.
Keywords: fakenews | [S]exellent
Keywords: stock | Beer Mug
Somewhere in this world, it's already 5 o'clock.
Keywords: stock | Classroom
We check our Hotmail during your pop quizzes.
Keywords: comedy| 4MAN
pirate_eggie@mspaint_lolz is brilliant with TV parody and MS Paint.
Keywords: misc. | Holiday Nuts
I must have them. By phuck@last5.
Keywords: comedy | LOL
By bliccy.
Keywords: stock | road hazard
Thanks to jude_judith82@exclusion_lair.
Keywords: comedy | J. Peterman
"And there, tucked into the river's bend, was the object of my search...the Pamplona Beret. Sizes 7½ to 8¾. Price: $35."
Keywords: misc. | Hill Harper
We pledge allegiance to Hill Harper and to the entity for which he stands: one hotness, indivisible, under Lust.
Keywords: movies | Pooh Bear
By peacefully@peaces_icons.
Keywords: text | Black [Trivia] Month
Hooray for the Shortest Month of the Year!
Keywords: parody | In Soviet Russia...
By hoosabrat@dork_icons.
Keywords: parody | By Cock!...
By hoosabrat@dork_icons.
Keywords: comedy | SQUEH
From the amazingly hilarious imagination of iconzicons.
Keywords: LOLitics | Fierce Poncho
Keywords: LOLitics | Must...not...LOL
Keywords: LOLitics | Deliver Us from Whitey
...Or at least until someone actually finds the Seekrit Tape™ (http://tinyurl.com/FLOTUSmyth).
Keywords: LOLitics | M'hmph
Keywords: LOLitics | Rove-innnn'
Keywords: misc. | Dr. Phil
Ya don't need clam chowder to skin ya a gopher.
Keywords: stock | Teddy and Puppy
Thanks to frostedmagnolia@myownmorning.
Keywords: Canadian LOLitics | Poopoolarité
"For me, pepper, I poot it on my plate."
Keywords: comedy | Ovaries
Thanks to mediocrechick.
Keywords: comedy | Canada: Model UN
By the illustrious gleam_the_cube@simpsons_icons.
Keywords: comedy | Guitar Hero
By prettybutt@atomicapples.
Keywords: LOLitics | Black Joe Biden
Keywords: music | The Beatles
By greenleaf_freak@leaf_icons.
Keywords: LOLitics | Chibi Obama Family
Thanks to the lulzy talents of glockgal.
Keywords: LOLitics | Rahm and Colbert
"I know it was you, Fredo."
Keywords: misc. | Michelle Obama
Thanks to prettyquotable@nextjuly.
Keywords: comedy | The Golden Girls
Thanks to mediocrechick.
Keywords: misc. | Toronto
by blossombunny@twilighttrees.
Keywords: LOLitics | Ruiner of Lives ♥
Joe Biden's doin' it For the Lolz™.
Keywords: LOLitics | BAMF
Dont let his grandpa schtick fool ya.
Keywords: LOLitics | We Can Haz
"BOOTY-BOOTY-BOOTY-BOOTY (rockin' e'rywhere)"
Keywords: music | Erikah Badu
Thanks to fooish_icons@14valentines.
Keywords: LOLitics | \o/
Keywords: LOLitics | SRS BZNSS
Keywords: comedy | Neanderthals
They need to do way instain mother> who kill thier babbys. becuse these babby cant frigth back? >:(
Keywords: LOLitics | Trent Lott
Thanks to kirbymurl@reconred.
Keywords: parody | Swine Flue Fräulein
Base icon by hobbitofkobol @ lastgleamings.
Keywords: LOLitics | Fuck My Life
...He muttered, as he wept into his Freedom Fries.
Keywords: music | Cindy Mayweather
"And all the sirens go ♪doodoo♪ ..."
Keywords: misc. | UNF
*pelvic thrust*
Keywords: comedy | Hobo of the Year
Thanks to onlysugarcoated.
Keywords: LOLitics | Make-out City
Population: Jill and Joe Biden.
Keywords: parody | Iran Solidarity Fräulein
Base icon by hobbitofkobol @ lastgleamings.
Keywords: misc. | Tinfoil Hats
Keywords: LOLitics | Hold On Gurl...
Who's in ~your~ Top Five?
Keywords: LOLitics | From Her Mama
Keywords: LOLitics | Nerdbama
Keywords: misc. | I ♥ You Like Pancakes
By iulieki @ piaresquare.
Keywords: parody | Mod Hat Fräulein
Base icon by hobbitofkobol @ lastgleamings.
Keywords: misc. | Tiny Pissed-off Owl
Keywords: comedy | I'm Into Weird Shit
Keywords: comedy | Rudy Huxtable
Thanks to dance_the_dance@exclu_silly.
Keywords: movies | HBIC
Thanks to glimmeringlight.
Keywords: LOLitics | ikr?
Keywords: movies | Sally Brown
Keywords: misc. | Campbell Brown
*sharp intake of breath*
Keywords: movies | Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Thanks to mediocrechick.
Keywords: stock | Got My Drink On
By blackmamba_esq@burgundy_shoes.
Keywords: misc. | Black Superwoman
Sketch by Tom Burgos; colours done by mase0ne@deviantart.
Keywords: comedy | DAT ASS
Julie Andrews knows what's up.
Keywords: comedy | Socially Unpopular
Thanks to mediocrechick.
Keywords: comedy | DIS GUNBE GEWD
Keywords: music | Janelle Monáe
Keywords: fakenews | Racist Muthafucker
Keywords: fakenews | O RLY
Keywords: movies | The Sound of Music
Thanks to twisted_badger@closercomforts.
Keywords: movies | Haters Gonna Hate
Thanks to glimmeringlight.
Keywords: stock | Killer Abs
Thanks to fooish_icons.
Keywords: movies | Viddy Well Lil' Brotha
Thanks to jlk_lumberjack.
Keywords: misc. | John Brown
Keywords: misc. | Xosha Roquemore
Thanks to dance_the_dance@exclu_silly.
Keywords: comedy | Denise Huxtable
Thanks to dance_the_dance@exclu_silly.
Keywords: copshows| Stickup Man
Thanks to call_me_daisy.
Keywords: fakenews | Eureka
Keywords: comedy | This chibi is now DIAMONDS.
Original adorable drawing by "Shourimajo" (@ shourimajo.deviantart.com)
Keywords: fakenews | Awkward
Keywords: TV | Peggy Olson
Thanks to nolongertwo@glitteringsea.
Keywords: TV | GUUURL
Thanks to ablog_ortwo@retro_palace.
Keywords: TV | St. Shirley Bennett
Thanks to grosssalt@grosserpepper.
Keywords: TV | Roger Sterling Jr.
Thanks to sixties @ sedgwicked.
Keywords: movies | >:o)
Thanks to glimmeringlight.
Keywords: TV | Dean Pelton
Thanks to fuuurs@aquatilitis.
Keywords: TV | Misfits
By imamonsterr@socialxscene.
Keywords: stock | Brown Paper Packages...♪♫
By katiesangels@beforethecalm.
Keywords: movies | Lick~
Thanks to glimmeringlight.
Keywords: movies | Dreadful
Thanks to glimmeringlight.
Keywords: TV | Pierce Hawthorne
By brittania@cylonish.
Keywords: TV | Troy + Abed
By fancifull@aprilstones.
Keywords: movies | Judging You~
Thanks to glimmeringlight.
Keywords: comedy | Hipster Mermaid
Keywords: movies | Oh Captain My Captain
"Fräulein-- Were you this much...trouble at the Abbey?..."
Keywords: parody | Impish Aristocrat
Keywords: TV | Cooking Meth with Heisenberg
Original fan illustration by "Baz". (http://tinypic.com/r/vqpcox/7)
Keywords: stock | Hipsterish-lookin' Owl
From fleriana@inspireoncemore.
Keywords: text | I Teach Therefore I Drink
Keywords: misc. | MONSTA FEETS
Keywords: stock | Spechul Snowflake*~
By phuck@last5.
Keywords: comedy | Condescending Wonka
Keywords: comedy | Clair Huxtable
Keywords: LOLitics | Fred Thompson
Remember him? (....Yeah, me neither.)
Keywords: music | Frank Ocean
Keywords: comedy | BOSS STRUT
Keywords: music | Led Zeppelin Live
Keywords: TV | Fitz Wut
Bowing to the glory of ms_mmelissa.
Keywords: movies | Morbid Suspense
Keywords: TV | Gurl Pls
Thanks to equanimousicons