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Keywords: Hubble
Keywords: Srsly.
u guise... srsly.
Keywords: Marle & Crono
Chrono Trigger icon by spaceworrier
Keywords: Space
Keywords: Bannhammer
Ferelden's resident panty-peeler.
Keywords: GLaDOS - mute
Goodbye Caroline.
Keywords: Sexy Hugh
He can sing to me anytime.
Keywords: GLaDOS - not a scientist
You look great, by the way.
Keywords: Happy Jen 3.0
Happy Jen is happy. Also, freaking gorgeous.
Keywords: Hameron
True love doesn't need to shout.
Keywords: Calvin & Hobbes
...screamed the dust speck.
Keywords: Sheploo Omni-Guitar
Rockin' it 80s style.
Keywords: Niphredil
Keywords: Shepard