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Keywords: woooo
A very manly picture.
Keywords: bureaucrash - SSA
An icon that represents the shitty organization that is Social Security. Credit to Bureaucrash.
Keywords: rockin' out - screamo kid
From The Symposium show with Stand to Fall.
Keywords: stoic kyle
Taken at BW in the outside courtyard of the Strosacker Union.
Keywords: indy rock pete
Diesel Sweeties Indy Rock Pete - Nothing is any good if anyone else has heard of it.
Keywords: CT Kyle
Taken after a Halloween Party with Olive Garden Co-Workers.
Keywords: zzz
Sleepy cat from Diesel Sweeties.
Keywords: pointing
New Year's Party, 2006 - Gary's Place
Keywords: graph cliff
What my poker graph looks like, and what I would like to do when I run this bad.
Keywords: me - baseball
I love baseball.
Keywords: tech
Picture of my home office monitor setup
Keywords: profile - me
Keywords: me - pitching
Me, pitching at Safeco Field
Keywords: santa rock