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Keywords: pink, purple
i guess i'm leaning towards fairy kei? i just wear what makes me happy :)
Keywords: tea, teacup, teapot
one of the headbands i decided to make
Keywords: deco, teacups
i decided i needed teacups too! I love these things its very simple yet always a conversation starter
Keywords: cake, headband, lolita
i decided i wanted to have my cake and eat it too, or erm, wear it
Keywords: cupcakes, cute, fairy kei, gothic cupcake, ice cream cone
Keywords: handmade, proof of sale, rag doll, toby
this is my lil Toby, he is the proof of my sales, he is unique completely and then some
Keywords: blue, bodyline, carousel, sax, skirt
Keywords: mini hat
Keywords: off brand black skirt
Keywords: offbrand lolita dress
Keywords: bodyline red heart buckle shoes