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Keywords: people - ryan lochte; glasses
you're not a nerd, you're a slut who found glasses. ectypes
Keywords: film - hunger games; ready
i just can't afford to think like that. onlyalive8
Keywords: film - inglourious basterds; burn
if you want a french girlfriend, i suggest you try vichy. acidpenguin46
Keywords: film - glourious 39; run
this little war makes everything uncertain. ayyur
Keywords: tele - tudors; t.crom
we used the incest excuse last time. we can't make a habit of it. ayyur
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; kingslayer
people have been swinging at me for years and they always seem to miss. deportivo
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; jorah
no one can survive in this world without help. deportivo
Keywords: film - the hobbit; skeptical.
i can't just go running off into the blue. i am a baggins, of bag end. evangiles
Keywords: tele - downton abbey; house
what is a weekend? fan_cicons
Keywords: tele - borgias; siblings
you are no longer a child, sis. i won't forgive him for that. betelgeuse
Keywords: people - jon hamm; city
i like kids but i also like the option to close the door. hauntes
Keywords: people - natalie dormer; smirk
i say i'm an atheist but i wouldn't mind being visited by a ghost. hauntes
Keywords: tele - happy endings; penny
the only people who can get away with being mean are rockstars or brain surgeons or mr. phil. hauntes
Keywords: people - mila kunis; shadow
i am stubborn, and i admit it, so it's ok. hauntes
Keywords: film - sherlock holmes; true love
you have the grand gift of silence, watson, it makes you quite invaluable as a companion. island_of_souls
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; the imp
a lannister always pays his debts. nailbites
Keywords: tele - pan am; colette
laura, you need to decide right now because this is your life. what do you want to do with it? petitesboites
Keywords: tele - misfits; alisha
your mum's never met a girl like me. suzyx
Keywords: film - gone with the wind; tera
i can't go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands. sweet__tea
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; arya stark
are you going to let me by or do i have to smack you on the ear to help you with your hearing? swertyful
Keywords: tele - the thick of it; tucker
come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off. vanillabiscuit
Keywords: people - ryan lochte; scores
cold weather in france, there goes my tan. no jeah. hireaunicorn
Keywords: people - karen gillan; glasses
i am legitimately scottish. i can officially say - yes. onlyalive8
Keywords: film - 300; hurrah
spartans! ready your breakfast and eat heartly, for tonight we dine in hell! sinister_kid
Keywords: people - rachel mcadams; yellow
you really don't have a life when you're working. ayyur
Keywords: tele - the tudors; lady mary
when i am dead and opened, you shall find calais lying in my heart. ayyur
Keywords: people - kate middleton; bride
he's lucky to be going out with me. beautdisastr
Keywords: people - kate middleton; paddle
by far the best dressing up outfit i ever had was a pair of clown dungarees. beautdisastr
Keywords: tele - downton abbey; lady mary
i hope you know really smart people sleep in separate bedrooms. coloryourdreams
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; daenrys
i will take what is mine with fire and blood. deportivo
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; robb stark
if you lose, we all die. well that makes it simple then. deportivo
Keywords: tele - girls; marnie
i think i may be the voice of my generation. engrained
Keywords: film - hp; littles
she needs to sort out her priorities. engrained
Keywords: film - lotr; frodo
i know what i must do, it's just that i'm afraid to do it. engrained
Keywords: film - lotr; hobbits.
i'm going to morder alone. of course you are, and i'm coming with you! engrained
Keywords: film - dragon tattoo; blomkvist
i want you to help me catch a killer of women. evangiles
Keywords: people - phlochte; celebrate
he just brings out every ounce of energy in me. iamexpressive
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; dove
sansa can keep her sewing needles. i've got a needle of my own. island_of_souls
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; cersei
when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. island_of_souls
Keywords: film - marie antoinette; party
see? no one treats me like a lady here. island_of_souls
Keywords: film - elizabeth; dance
this is the lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. island_of_souls
Keywords: film - hercules; megara
if there's a prize for rotten judgement, i think i've already won that. island_of_souls
Keywords: film - sword in the stone; arthur
i'm not really a sparrow, i'm a boy! island_of_souls
Keywords: film - hunger games; clove
rue? well we killed her and now we're gonna kill you. island_of_souls
Keywords: film - pocahontas; farewell
my place is here. julyavenue
Keywords: film - hunger games; 12
they just want a good show, that's all they want. julyavenue
Keywords: film - jurassic park; ellie.
dinosaur eats man, woman inherits the earth. sinister_kid
Keywords: people - ke$ha; duck
i want to show people you can be smart and funny. you can drink and read. nonewsteps
Keywords: people - ryan lochte; goggles.
when you jump off, make sure you land feet first. purple_wings
Keywords: people - imogen; poots
i never personalize anything because i think that can be dangerous. satinpetticoat
Keywords: stock; ship
we were just careless kids on the fourth of july. sinister_kid
Keywords: stock; lightning
can you catch lightning in a bottle and set it on fire? sinister_kid
Keywords: stock; castle
oh i've been knocking on that door in my sleep. sinister_kid
Keywords: stock; cinderella
please will you wake up, open your eyes, it's the first day of a new light sinister_kid
Keywords: film - dark knight rises; cat woman
there's a storm coming, mr. wayne. sweet__tea
Keywords: tele - elementary; sherlock
we were quite close, i did not take her passing well. venus_resources
Keywords: people - michael phelps; laugh
you can't put a limit on anything. the more you dream, the farther you get. intrepidy
Keywords: people - carey mulligan; smile
i have always hated nightclubs, and don't like loud music. hauntes
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; ygritte
you know nothing, jon snow. engrained
Keywords: people - kate middleton; couple
she thinks i'm hilarious. beautdisastr
Keywords: tele - girls; beach
i'm not interested in anything they have to say! that's not the point of friendship. engrained
Keywords: tele - downton abbey; estate
i'm a woman, mary, i can be as contrary as i choose. fauxkaren
Keywords: film - agora; black and white
synesius, you don't question what you believe, or cannot. i must. island_of_souls
Keywords: film - beauty and the beast; belle
i want so much more than they've got planned. raptureicons