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Keywords: people - ryan lochte; glasses
you're not a nerd, you're a slut who found glasses. ectypes
Keywords: film - hunger games; ready
i just can't afford to think like that. onlyalive8
Keywords: film - inglourious basterds; burn
if you want a french girlfriend, i suggest you try vichy. acidpenguin46
Keywords: film - glourious 39; run
this little war makes everything uncertain. ayyur
Keywords: tele - tudors; t.crom
we used the incest excuse last time. we can't make a habit of it. ayyur
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; kingslayer
people have been swinging at me for years and they always seem to miss. deportivo
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; jorah
no one can survive in this world without help. deportivo
Keywords: film - the hobbit; skeptical.
i can't just go running off into the blue. i am a baggins, of bag end. evangiles
Keywords: tele - downton abbey; house
what is a weekend? fan_cicons
Keywords: tele - borgias; siblings
you are no longer a child, sis. i won't forgive him for that. betelgeuse
Keywords: people - jon hamm; city
i like kids but i also like the option to close the door. hauntes
Keywords: people - natalie dormer; smirk
i say i'm an atheist but i wouldn't mind being visited by a ghost. hauntes
Keywords: tele - happy endings; penny
the only people who can get away with being mean are rockstars or brain surgeons or mr. phil. hauntes
Keywords: people - mila kunis; shadow
i am stubborn, and i admit it, so it's ok. hauntes
Keywords: film - sherlock holmes; true love
you have the grand gift of silence, watson, it makes you quite invaluable as a companion. island_of_souls
Keywords: tele - game of thrones; the imp
a lannister always pays his debts. nailbites