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Keywords: star trek homies
they see us rollin' they hatin'
Keywords: Preping
Writing is an addiction I enjoy
Keywords: Ocki 1
man tits are suckable
Keywords: Ocki 2
molina's man tits are delicious looking
Keywords: Give me booty or give me death
Keywords: Broke back drunki
Keywords: Happiness ain't enough
I agree! Euphoria attend me!
Keywords: Fuck you, McDs
Grass-fed, free ranging truely happy cows rock
Keywords: Hip Uncle Sam
Break out da hookah, Uncle's home!
Keywords: brain bleach
with extra cleaning action for eyes too!
Keywords: avatar, eloui.com
dis be me lookin all ready for ass kickin w/ my sword, jester & kitty hat
Keywords: fuck bush
fuck bush, anti republicant, anti war
Keywords: Dr. Seuss keeps it real yo!
Keywords: Mind in gutter; back whenever
I got beach front property there myself
Keywords: Pervy Batman
I bet he does >:p
Keywords: Power Rangers: SPD
STFU bitches. These guys are cute
Keywords: Scully & Mulder
Picture...so HOT.
Keywords: Monty Python's Flying Circus
Silence naughty people of the intarwebs!
Keywords: Goblin King Jareth
Yeahhhhh, smexy
Keywords: waaaammmbulance
Serving whiny bitches since 1812
Keywords: Second Touch
Jack & Ennis 2nd round
Keywords: Zeta Jones & Douglas
CZJ & Mike Douglas-40 yrs married XD
Keywords: earth
Earth is our Mother
Keywords: dragon
Do not piss off Dragons for you are crunchy & taste good with ketchup
Keywords: threesome, x-files
I wanna be in the middle of this hot sandwich
Keywords: hitler bush
Answers only to cheney and big biz
Keywords: nature, paganism, pentacle
Four seasons-Five elements make one magickal year
Keywords: magick, pagan, water
Water is LIFE
Keywords: beach
Sand n Sea touch in rhythm
Keywords: arrr, pirate
Keywords: inconceivable, the princess bride
awesome movie about twu luv
Keywords: sarcasm
critically funny
Keywords: don't taser me bro
america FUCK YEAH!
Keywords: Fox and Dana, mulder & scully
they belong together
Keywords: Pedo Bear
Pedo Bear seal of approval
Keywords: Set fire to you
'cause you in my way bitch
Keywords: public relations
wha da fuck u want?
Keywords: Bible iz bad
a thumpin' good read indeed
Keywords: carrots yo!
tiny carrots too many in one spot
Keywords: dead horse
stop dragging fixed issues out!
Keywords: apollon, patron god
My God brings all the boys & girls in the yard!
Keywords: halloween
Keywords: jimblair
Jim & Blair always and forever
Keywords: alone in the dark
Keywords: rant central, soapbox
Keywords: halloween tree
Great picture; chilling story
Keywords: BennyRay
Benton and Raymond es amore!
Keywords: rainbow flag
Keywords: cancer sign
Beautiful pix of the Cancer Astro sign
Keywords: ronin kanji
Ancient One creates the magic!
Keywords: dancing banana
Bananas are fun
Keywords: garyfuckinoldman
automatic win because of oldman
Keywords: skeletorlolz
finally he gets some play
Keywords: dr seuss, foot up ass
My foot up ur arse
Keywords: Beatlejuice
Keywords: Fuck yeah
Cause dats how I roll
Keywords: betty white fierce
Ride that centaur!
Keywords: Got damn lol
u gotta be kidding lol
Keywords: I aint mad
u mad
Keywords: Hurrr
Keywords: You still mad lol
U r mad
Keywords: Creepy clown says
Never sleep again
Keywords: Ardeth Bey r delicious
Mmmmm eye candy
Keywords: Noooooooo!
do not want!
Keywords: Pearlz a clutchin
Keywords: Wat dis?
Dog: kinna have some?
Keywords: shoop da woop
firing mah lazar in 3 2 1...