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Keywords: Phantom Vegas Chip
The best (and cheapest) souvenier from the show.
Keywords: Tweety-Sleepy
Keywords: Me-Happy (batteries)
Wow someone was kind enough to give me batteries as a gift!
Keywords: journal
Keywords: Me-Serious
Keywords: SpiderMan-Decisions...Decisions...
By me
Keywords: Me-computer illiterate
For work or computer related posts
Keywords: Nightwish
Lyrics from "Romanticide" and "Dead to the world" made by me
Keywords: The Person I Never Wanted to Be
From a poem I wrote
Keywords: If I Could Dream
Poem by me
Keywords: Scenic
Various pictures of Henderson, icon by me
Keywords: Bugsy-Tux Because...?
Made by me
Keywords: Me-Not an invitation
Keywords: Phantom
Various lyrics from Phantom of the Opera, statue in Prague, icon made by me
Keywords: Me-With Nick Fake Bachelorette
At Tryst for a fake bachelorette party