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Keywords: melancholy, melancholy joxn
Keywords: small seal
My inkan -- small version
Keywords: orwell
My eye.
Keywords: milton
Fred Milton, Beat Poodle -- a Lynda Barry creation
Keywords: slackenerny
Mike Slackenerny, co-star of Jorge Cham's Ph.D. comic, and my patron saint.
Keywords: kaczynski
What Ted Kaczynski would look like if he were on my driver's license.
Keywords: smiley
Happy & sunny
Keywords: cthulhu
CthulhuSex magazine cover art. If you can't figure it out, you probably don't want an explanation.
Keywords: relax
It's been a long day.
Keywords: aiki
Let's hit people with planets! Artwork from fudebakudo.com. Buy the book!
Keywords: flower
A tulip which has been affected by a virus infection, resulting in a striated pattern.
Keywords: ki
The kanji for "spirit". Yes, I wrote it myself.
Keywords: bike
Woo, it's an Extracycle!
Keywords: lonely
Cat by Louis Wain
Keywords: electric
Wain painted these while in a madhouse for schizophrenia.
Keywords: paisley
http://tinyurl.com/9rz2z for more info & larger pics.
Keywords: anfractuous
Keywords: inkan
My seal.
Keywords: feelin' festive
My gay seal. Arf, arf!
Keywords: queer entanglements
Keywords: usagi
Usagi Yojimbo!
Keywords: 1000 styles!
Keywords: walk carefully
Keywords: headslap
Keywords: twins
Keywords: jaundice
Keywords: heresy!
Keywords: cartoon
Keywords: rosa
Socialist party icon
Keywords: bread
Keywords: :-7
Keywords: condoleeza DOOM
She doesn't look very happy...
Keywords: domicile
Keywords: Zell has left the building
Keywords: procrastinate
Keywords: beast
Keywords: aum
Keywords: anguish
Keywords: vampire
Edvard Munch! Soon he'll be screaming...
Keywords: forboding
Keywords: stylize
One of the many fabulous icons by helmine
Keywords: atheist goat, mr gruff
Keywords: clinton, sacred heart
Keywords: sol
My boyfriend Sol bought this for me in Mexico.
Keywords: claus
icon by springheel_jack
Keywords: mondrian
Keywords: homofascist
Can't beat Fred Phelps. But you wish you could!
Keywords: moonbat
From Creek Running North
Keywords: drugged kitty
Art from a Japanese psychiatric drug ad
Keywords: darwin
Keywords: QR
Moving into the digital age on my 2^5 birthday.
Keywords: salmon
Keywords: braincase
Keywords: paperbag head
Keywords: cute widdle death, death
Keywords: koala tree
Keywords: frustration, true love
From the video "A quoi ça sert l'Amour" by Cube productions
Keywords: monkey, rage
From http://angryblue.com
Keywords: aibo
Keywords: red mascot
One of China's Olympic mascots
Keywords: yam guru
From yamroll.com
Keywords: aikido action
From fudebakudo.com -- go buy their book!
Keywords: angel averted
From portlandstudios.com
Keywords: cyberman
Keywords: skeeery rat
From Pearls Before Swine
Keywords: let me just sigh at that, oh no
Keywords: grinch, pope
Keywords: screaming disgust
From a pen-and-ink sketch by James WIlliam Walsh
Keywords: tomah-toes!
thanks to rosminah
Keywords: soup!
Keywords: desserts!
thanks to odd_dog
Keywords: finished meal
thanks to odd_dog
Keywords: DLC bad
Keywords: bunny
Keywords: self-absorption
Keywords: buddha
original picture by coru_rhaw
Keywords: beethoven
Dedicate my symphony to a tyrant? NEVER!
Keywords: f-35 helmet, helmet, robot overlords
This is what the pilots of the new F-35 will be wearing.
Keywords: templars
Two guys riding a horse. Suggestive?
Keywords: sartorial elegance, tie-con
Tie courtesy of a gift certificate from feministransguy
Keywords: gold bug
Keywords: bothered, redgreen
Keywords: satanic moonman
Keywords: gall bladder
Keywords: evil joxn
Keywords: serene, serene joxn