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Keywords: jay-China-avatar
(c) 2009 Mari Kurisato
Keywords: jay-viking
bull gerunds raging on the heights
Keywords: pissed-satan
I'll show you a sack of hammers
Keywords: sanguine-pipe
it's not the size...
Keywords: sanguine-st_helens
Keywords: sanguine-tads
Keywords: sanguine-corn
Keywords: sanguine-tractor
oh what a beautiful tractor
Keywords: signs-hygiene
this way to paradise
Keywords: wry-iredale
the legend lives on from the Columbia on down
Keywords: child-campbell
The Child draws
Keywords: tech-generator
rural electrification in our time
Keywords: writing-flying_car
the future was here, but it left
Keywords: sanguine-pooh
bearly there
Keywords: wry-darth_tater
the force is strong in this one
Keywords: sanguine-truck
old rigs make the best digs
Keywords: flowers-lily
flower of the morning, thy grace divine
Keywords: sanguine-pontiac
1960 goodness
Keywords: jay-negative
the other side of the mirror
Keywords: writing-retro_spaceship
future that ever wasn't
Keywords: funny-do_not_hump
living large in Nebraska
Keywords: cats-ripley
A well-waxed cat indeed
Keywords: writing-genre
Need I say more?
Keywords: jay-chef
Cookin' up some good fiction
Keywords: signs-drain
C'est ne pas un drain
Keywords: signs-too_nervous
Can't dance and it's too wet to plow
Keywords: jay-street_300
Jay Street
Keywords: signs-five_dollar
Don't like it -- to bad!
Keywords: sanguine-skeleton
Keywords: politics-report
Ride, Watch, Report
Keywords: signs-hot
Hot, Hot, Hot, Very Hot
Keywords: signs-bagdad
Bagdad Theatre Sign
Keywords: signs-rock-o-plane
Keywords: signs-caution_bees
Keywords: child-gnome
Keywords: graffiti-shirley_you_jest
Keywords: graffiti-fishbones
Keywords: graffiti-growler_face
Keywords: wry-slab_viewing
Keywords: graffiti-funky_eyes
Keywords: flowers-berries
Keywords: graffiti-bikes
Keywords: child-graffito
Keywords: child-drawn_face
Keywords: child-acorn
Keywords: child-paper_dad
Keywords: sanguine-birds_wake
Keywords: signs-flammable
Keywords: graffiti-lake_chalk
Keywords: sanguine-pelican
Keywords: jay-southpark
Keywords: graffiti-panda
guerilla street art
Keywords: child-smiling
on the Bolivar ferry landing
Keywords: sanguine-skull_funky
Keywords: graffiti-cheetohs
Keywords: food-wensleydale_cheese
Cheese, Gromit!
Keywords: sanguine-rc
March of the cola machines
Keywords: signs-life_preservers
Keywords: signs-no_skating
Keywords: signs-never_give_up
Keywords: signs-octopus_hole
Keywords: signs-savage_plants
Keywords: sanguine-smokestack
Keywords: sanguine-spiral_stairs
Keywords: sanguine-hydrant
Keywords: sanguine-mossy_wall
Keywords: sanguine-mushroom
Keywords: wry-taillight
Keywords: tech-turbine
Keywords: a-zen
Keywords: graffiti-smiling
Keywords: jay-electrode
Keywords: graffiti-robot_brick
Keywords: funny-samples_photo
Keywords: funny-samples_image
Keywords: flowers-alien_plant
Keywords: tech-Comet_crosshair
Keywords: signs-curb_wheels
Keywords: signs-grocerys
Keywords: writing-leopard_cow
Keywords: writing-smiling_stone
Keywords: flowers-little_pink
Keywords: jay-lego
Keywords: flowers-puffy
Keywords: flowers-green_leaves
Keywords: sanguine-moonrise
Keywords: signs-do_not_lick
Keywords: signs-closed_after_dark
Keywords: signs-gibbon_pit
Keywords: signs-worms
Keywords: signs-drifting_log
Keywords: signs-grammar_crisis_room
Keywords: flowers_wasp
Keywords: signs-falling_objects
Keywords: signs-no_meat_parking
Keywords: signs-human_powered
Keywords: flowers-sunflower
Keywords: child-smiling_close
Keywords: happy-niece
Keywords: graffiti-reading_time
Keywords: jay-headset
Keywords: funny-buddahomer
Keywords: writing-Mainspring
(c) 2006 Stephan Martiniere
Keywords: writing-Trial_of_Flowers
(c) 2006 Richard Pellegrino
Keywords: politics-upsidedown_flag
Keywords: politics-rifleman
Keywords: signs-next_services
Keywords: jay-author_boy
Keywords: jay-suit
Keywords: jay-windblown
Keywords: politics-sideways_flag
Keywords: jay-selfish_attention_whore
Keywords: tech-dirigible
Keywords: writing-bookshelf
Keywords: writing-stained_glass_book
Keywords: travel-running_man
Keywords: tech-x4449_lamp
Keywords: jay-1976
Portrait of the artist as a young man
Keywords: writing-bookmobile
Keywords: jay-road
(c) 2007 Gary Eminitove
Keywords: wry-NKPR_guitar
Keywords: jay-dramatic
(c) 2007 Frank Wu
Keywords: food-ribs
Keywords: jay-eye
Keywords: jay-laughing
Santa gone wild
Keywords: tech-sythnoscope
Keywords: writing-Escapement
Keywords: writing-Nippon_badge
Torah torah torah
Keywords: sanguine-Japanese_fire_truck
Keywords: jay-redwoods
(c) 2007 A. Loska
Keywords: child_michaelmas
Keywords: travel-jet_engine
Keywords: child-birthday
Keywords: child-laughing
Keywords: sanguine-poseidon
Keywords: religion-belief_bw
Just because you believe it doesn't mean it's true.
Keywords: jay-preaching_with_ken
Keywords: signs-active_garages
Keywords: food-knot_roll
Keywords: food-peking_duck
Keywords: cancer_tumor
I am not a tumor
Keywords: jay-mighty
Keywords: signs-dont_jay_walk
Keywords: writing-Green
June, 2009 from Tor Books
Keywords: sanguine-heron
Keywords: sanguine-hummingbird
Keywords: calendula_plates
Keywords: religion-belief_rev2
Just because you believe it doesn't mean it's true
Keywords: a-links
Link Salad
Keywords: writing-Madness
Keywords: child-on_plane_in_China
Self portrait by the Child
Keywords: child-faery_with_cakes
Art by the Child
Keywords: sanguine-Elizabethtown_NM_ruins
Photographed by me in Elizabethtown, NM
Keywords: cancer-do-not-want
Keywords: cancer-Dorito
Nscho ordinary cancer
Keywords: writing-pinion
Cover of PINION, art by Stephan Martiniere
Keywords: cancer-scars
(c) 2009 Kyle Cassidy
Keywords: cancer-biohazard_bag
Biohazard bag for chemotherapy drugs
Keywords: shelly_rae-smiling
Keywords: calendula_portrait
(c) 2009 Roger Podva
Keywords: calendula_shellyrae_jay_scars
Shannon, Shelly Rae and Jay (c) 2009 Kyle Cassidy
Keywords: calendula_shellyrae_jay_smiling
The three of us (c) 2010 B. Lake
Keywords: jay-bald
Head shave. Photo (c) 2010 Camille Alexa
Keywords: jay-sad_devil
Photo (c) 2010 Camille Alexa.
Keywords: child-bacon
Keywords: child-lacrosse
Keywords: child-smiling_at_lacrosse
Keywords: jay-bald_2
Keywords: sanguine-superb_fairy_wren
Australian bird
Keywords: signs-kangaroo_crossing
Australian road sign
Keywords: signs-commit_no-nuisance
Australian sign
Keywords: graffiti-rose
Australian graffiti
Keywords: signs-bad_English
Australian sign
Keywords: sanguine-stained_glass
Australian stained glass
Keywords: jay-cranky_old_man
(c) 2010 C.S. Inman
Keywords: tech-b24_turbo_boost_selector
Keywords: signs-cemetery_recycling-center
Unfortunate juxtapositions
Keywords: writing-sunspin
Keywords: jay-post_chemo_short_hair
Handsome devil, ugly angel
Keywords: writing-Endurance
Endurance, the second Green book
Keywords: jay-genre-car-aerial
Keywords: jay-bald_sharpie
Keywords: cancer-skull_tattoo
If you can read this, I have cancer again
Keywords: child-hat
The Child in April, 2012
Keywords: child-interview
The Child being interviewed, June, 2012
Keywords: signs-mutant_ducks
Keywords: food-potato_salad-fixings
Keywords: cancer-hereafter_is_closed
Not yet
Keywords: writing-Kalimpura
Keywords: writing-Not_Rich
Writers and editors and wealth
Keywords: food-turkey_with_bacon
Keywords: sanguine-bucky_in_a_human_suit
(c) 2012 Darby Conley
Keywords: sanguine-test_pattern
Keywords: writing-Fred
Keywords: jay-1979
Keywords: jay-Clockwork_Departure
(c) 2013 Howard Tayler
Keywords: jay-steampunk_pirate
(c) 2013 Nat Iwata
Keywords: signs-minimum_maintenance_road