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Keywords: star wars update
From the 10th reunion of my x-wing fighter class
Keywords: tenyearsold
so where's my pony?
Keywords: starwars
Keywords: tiernaytext1
from Secret of the Three Treasures
Keywords: road
bridge just outside of Akureyri
Keywords: glitter
blame lnhammer for this one
Keywords: wildfire aftermath
Keywords: anime me
Keywords: clayweblog
Keywords: critteralien
tucson public sidewalk art
Keywords: bookshelf
Keywords: streetpoppy
Keywords: secret of the three treasures cover
Keywords: Clue
have a clue, give a clue; need a clue, get a clue
Keywords: asher
just say no to turning babies into icons
Keywords: duckstory
sometimes, you just have to listen to your muse
Keywords: dance
just dance
Keywords: bones-quarter
"That Arch could catch me in visions without half trying ..."
Keywords: prickly pear
Keywords: saguaro
Keywords: Iceland/Reykjavík bus stop
Keywords: Iceland/Öxaráfoss
Keywords: Iceland/roof
Keywords: Iceland/ravens
Stykkishólmur ravens
Keywords: Iceland/Westfjords road
On the road to Ísafjörður
Keywords: Iceland/fog
Between Laugarhóll and Kaldbakshorn
Keywords: Iceland/door
Sorcerer's Cottage at Laugarhóll
Keywords: Iceland/red fox
Keywords: Iceland/Hjarðarholt
Keywords: Bones of Faerie leaf
From the cover of Bones of Faerie
Keywords: Iorek Byrnison
Armored bears of the world, unite!
Keywords: Susan Pevensie
Keywords: Iceland/Surtsey
Keywords: Iceland/sculpture
Reykjavík sculpture of one man pulling another from the sea
Keywords: polar bear
Because unarmored bears are pretty cool, too. (This one lives at the Reid Park Zoo.)
Keywords: Iceland/gulls
Keywords: boomdeyada
From XKCD and bluebombardier
Keywords: arctic fox
Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Keywords: another arctic fox
Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Keywords: gunnar/hillside otp
really just because
Keywords: wanderweg
Trail sign for a walking path near Grindelwald in the Alps
Keywords: Fencer
Keywords: ghost ranch
from the Kindling Words retreat at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico
Keywords: Bones of Faerie cover
Keywords: a girl and her dog
Keywords: fox and raven
Designed by the most excellent ninjahijinx.livejournal.com -- thanks so much!
Keywords: Voyagers!
"When the omni's red, it means history's wrong."
Keywords: Spirited Away
Keywords: andromache
Andromache watching Achilles drag Hector's corpse behind his chariot, from a 2nd century sacrophagus fragment
Keywords: Hallgerður and Gunnar
Hallgerður and Gunnar's first meeting as depicted at the Sögusetrið/Saga Center in Hvolsvöllur
Keywords: happy zuko
Keywords: Thief Eyes coin
Keywords: Thief Eyes cover
Keywords: Faerie Winter snowflake
From the cover of Faerie Winter (April 2011)
Keywords: tea time
From Victory of the Daleks
Keywords: author photo
photography by Lynne Glazer: www.photo.lynnesite.com
Keywords: Thief Eyes Freki
From the paperback cover of Thief Eyes
Keywords: Bordertown Lives
Keywords: Faerie Winter cover
"Tell me, Liza, do you believe that spring will come?"
Keywords: Dear Bully
Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10428981-dear-bully
Keywords: Magick 4 Terri
Keywords: Faerie After cover
Available May 28. 2013!
Keywords: Faerie After tree
Faerie After is available May 28. 2013!
Keywords: Tiernay West
Keywords: Tiernay West cover