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Keywords: actor: gemma arterton; flight.
by nicolemissing
Keywords: actor: james mcavoy.
mavericks and thieves.
Keywords: actor: spencer grammer.
angel hearted woman.
Keywords: tv: skins: sid/cassie
you with your brittle, broken heart.
Keywords: tv: dw: amy/doctor
my imaginary best friend.
Keywords: film: thor: sif/loki; these fragile
things, hearts; they break like clear stones.
Keywords: film: thg: katniss; the girl on fire.
by onlyalive8
Keywords: tv: tgw: cary/kalinda; these things
inside me, you break without trying.
Keywords: film: thor: loki; monster
by: bambistark @ tumblr.
Keywords: actor: ezra miller; mouth
by hierarchia
Keywords: actor: cillian murphy; angled
by heartoutofstone
Keywords: actor: ben whishaw; oh the doves
by hollow_art
Keywords: tv: the hour; freddie; hair cape
by miss_jaffacake
Keywords: model: gemma ward
veela in your blood
Keywords: tv: new girl; winston
judging you classily