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Keywords: Cherry blossoms
Keywords: Morris angel
Keywords: LadyLilith
Keywords: Iceland
Keywords: Fat squirrel
Keywords: Regency
New Boston Fair, 2006
Keywords: hair
New Boston Fair, 2006
Keywords: SunlitMoira
Keywords: Bonfire
Boredom War Bardic Bonfire 2007
Keywords: Blue Gown
Boredom War 2007
Keywords: smjor
butter! butter!
Keywords: Victorian Goth Girl
via masteralcuin
Keywords: Girl Reading
By Perugini
Keywords: Bath Cat
This made me crack up!
Keywords: Sparta
Got this one from my dear friend shemhazai. Bless her!
Keywords: Moira - I see you
Peeking Kitty
Keywords: MRI, wrist
The MRI of the Sinister Cyst in my left wrist
Keywords: Happy!
Keywords: Tea
Keywords: Y
An illumination I did on a card in 2007 or 2008
Keywords: Dragonfly
Keywords: pearls
Some freshwater and saltwater pearls I photographed
Keywords: Rose
From Lee's house!
Keywords: Poppy
From Lee's house!
Keywords: Painted pansy
From Lee's house! Freshly planted!
Keywords: Macro