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Keywords: we're never saying what we mean
it's all silver screens and lights
Keywords: she's just a little tease!
Keywords: back in the U.S.S.R.
you don't know how lucky you are
Keywords: because that's where my heart goes
i don't call it art, no sir
Keywords: and making plenty of cash
while you are working for the joy of giving
Keywords: trynig hard not to please
anyone all the time
Keywords: and drama comma tension
and clenching fists
Keywords: love consists of an on and off
and a built for two coffin
Keywords: and hope we die before we get old
into the wind we're tossing armfuls of caution
Keywords: even when it all goes to hell
our love for one night was as pure as sunlight
Keywords: i know it's all a cop-out but my heart
just pops out of joint
Keywords: here's the point girl
you should be flattered
Keywords: at how my words just scatter
and drop to the floor
Keywords: 'cause you keep me nice and sore
and cold down to the core
Keywords: but i wouldn't take a single second back