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Keywords: Joy
Keywords: Rock of Faith
Keywords: Sing to me
Keywords: God unfolds
Keywords: Moonlight
Keywords: Bubbling over
From thepolliwog a dear friend who gets gold stars in sharing her talents and userpics!
Keywords: Say cheese!
Keywords: House
Keywords: Chicago
Chicago - My beloved city!
Keywords: ACK
Keywords: I see...go on
Keywords: Hope
Keywords: Coolness
Keywords: 1 point 21 jigawatts
Credit: koknockout17
Keywords: Believe
Keywords: Book Wish
Keywords: Ordinary day
Keywords: Dear LiveJournal
By peaces_icons
Keywords: Hurray
By peaces_icons
Keywords: Love
Icon by peaces_icons
Keywords: Happy Dance Snoopy
From peaces_icons
Keywords: Snow Angel
Belle Snow Angel from LJ User peaces_icons)
Keywords: Shake it Baby!
From LJ User peaces_icons
Keywords: Twinkle lights
Twinkle lights
Keywords: Twirling Girl
Sharing this with thescrappycat we don't know where it came from but love it!
Keywords: Choose Happiness
Keywords: Seriously
Z at 3 giving me static at the park (private pic for private use)
Keywords: Book v movie
Keywords: CS
Cosmic Sibling def. someone who upon meeting you realize belongs to your universal sibling group
Keywords: Duuuuuude
Keywords: Happy Birthday
Keywords: Happy Joy Joy
Keywords: Oh Rhett
picture for personal use only
Keywords: Wishing Star
Icon_Goddess is great for icons
Keywords: Lovers
Keywords: Thanks
Keywords: Blinky Me
Keywords: Breathe
by i want pudding at iconator
Keywords: Gin Please
from ravenous icons & Edward Gorey of course
Keywords: Me in the City in the Garden
Personal picture for personal use - thanks!
Keywords: Heaven
from icon_goddess
Keywords: No whammies
Keywords: Twinkle twinkle flowers
Keywords: Heart of coffee
Keywords: LOL Reese
Keywords: Just Keep Swimming
Serendipity from retc to me - thanks!
Keywords: Christmas Tree
Credit to onlylisaicons
Keywords: LOL Bridget
Credit to cinnamonstreet
Keywords: Belle in Winter
from peaces_icons
Keywords: Hugs in Winter
From peaces_icons
Keywords: NOT amused
From peaces_icons
Keywords: Winter Wonderland Walken
Creator? I wish I knew!
Keywords: Reading
credit to dreamscaping
Keywords: Somewhere out there
Credit: fruity taste
Keywords: Conclusions
Credit to dreamscaping
Keywords: Summer flip flops
Credit: fruity taste
Keywords: Heart
Credit to tiger_tyger
Keywords: Valentine lollis
Credit to: raineedays
Keywords: Soul
Credit: icons_whispered
Keywords: Wine White
Keywords: Come on
Credit: LJ user lookinafteryou
Keywords: LOST
If I could remember where I found this icon, I'd credit
Keywords: movies
Keywords: Commotion
Made by kittystar
Keywords: Arggghhh
Taken from visualthinker11
Keywords: Snow
Keywords: jillian
from the JM fan community
Keywords: Have Faith
from my lovely friend vallehill