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Keywords: Determined
made by liketruthicons | and just voguing, srsly
Keywords: Charming
made by liketruthicons | seductive #3
Keywords: with Vaizey2
made by elegance_awaits
Keywords: Confused
made by rory_tutorgirl
Keywords: colors
in the chapel OF LOVE. made by angelfish_icons
Keywords: intrigued
made by yorkshirewench | also he's about to beat the crap out of Allan here
Keywords: consternation
made by elegance_awaits | that's because you're a whore
Keywords: Considering
made by nim4
Keywords: écouté
made by nim4
Keywords: penitent
made by nim4
Keywords: tender
made by nim4 | my heart's on fire
Keywords: avoidant
made by nim4
Keywords: o.rly.
made by nim4 | did they teach you that in whore school?
Keywords: patience thinning
made by nim4
Keywords: dégoúté
made by rory_tutorgirl