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Keywords: I want a new drug
Team DD, by _alt_icons
Keywords: everything counts in large amounts
Wiseassery, by?
Keywords: let's go make some noise
Nostalgia, by me
Keywords: my angel is the centerfold
Dominic Monaghan, by ?
Keywords: learn to live like an animal
Pippin & Boromir, by ?
Keywords: take it right into the danger zone
Snoopy, by peacesicons
Keywords: black velvet if you please
Wiseassery, by me
Keywords: this is a land of confusion
Wiseassery, by me
Keywords: right-wing harpy gone wild
Wiseassery, by me
Keywords: u can't touch this
Nostalgia, by ?
Keywords: shout above the din of our rice krispies
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, by oywiththeicons
Keywords: bud love
Pazuzu, by iconz_icons
Keywords: cause love's such an old-fashioned word
Patsy Stone, by ?
Keywords: what are words for?
Grammar Cops, by ?
Keywords: lights out uh-huh flash flash flash
Wiseassery, by ?
Keywords: somebody's watching me
The Thing, by ?