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Keywords: Doug - Smile
Keywords: Evolution/Grow Up
credit: iconomicon
Keywords: Beach
by me
Keywords: Breakfast Club - Bender
My youth, in one animated gif
Keywords: Internet - Jean Reno
Keywords: English
Keywords: Rock Band Flawless Expert
I think the song was "Let There Be Rock".
Keywords: Simpsons - Nerd Lessons
I reserve the right to call other nerds "nerds".
Keywords: Simpsons - Where's My Burrito?
I can be an entitlement whore sometimes.
Keywords: Simpsons - Doughnuts In Hell
I am fat, and I love to eat.
Keywords: Asshole Merit Badge
Keywords: Do Not Want
Keywords: Politics - Churchill
by me
Keywords: Politics - Tea Party/Flat Earth
Keywords: Coffee - Fuck Decaf
Keywords: Child Of The '80s
by me
Keywords: Realism
Keywords: Coffee - Rule The World
Keywords: Hippo Of Meh
by me
Keywords: Doug - Emo
by lovellama
Keywords: Metal
Keywords: Reach The Beach
Keywords: Rock On
Keywords: Paddle Faster
Keywords: Golden Gate Bridge
by me, including the photo itself.
Keywords: Christmas - Fuck This
Keywords: Politics - Facism
I'd rather hang out with hippies than facists
Keywords: Assfuck
some days I'm on the left, other days I'm on the right
Keywords: Christmas - Scrooge
Keywords: Fuck This Shit
Keywords: Christmas - Axial Tilt
Jesus wasn't born on 25 December. Quit with the cultural appropriation.
Keywords: LJ Crisis
Because sometimes we're all back in high school.
Keywords: TOR: Imperial Logo
Keywords: Lock The Taskbar
Keywords: What Would Henry Do?
Keywords: Star Wars - Han Shot First
Fuck you, George.
Keywords: Brick Top
An 'orrible cunt.
Keywords: Star Wars - Alderaan Shot First
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Keywords: Love Hard
Check. Check. Waiting.
Keywords: Say Jello To My Leetle Fren
Keywords: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
He Knows Changes Aren't Permanent...But Change Is.
Keywords: Insomnia
I don't suffer from it. I enjoy it.
Keywords: Irony
Keywords: Night Journeys
Keywords: Star Wars - Aluminum Falcon
Go for Papa Palpatine!
Keywords: Ass Sandwich
"And we're all gonna have to take a bite."
Keywords: Coffee - Mundane Bullshit
Secret: It's ALL mundane bullshit.
Keywords: Old Man At Play
You kids and your crazy music and clothes.
Keywords: Science!
She blinded me with it.
Keywords: Star Wars - You Suck
Now pull my finger.
Keywords: Star Wars - As You Wish
Keywords: Star Wars - Home Early
Keywords: Doug - Dark
Keywords: Doug - El Fragberto
credit: lovellama
Keywords: Final Sacrifice - Zap!
Canada's Chuck Norris
Keywords: Evil Smileyface
Keywords: Simpsons - Goggles
And neither does the eye bleach.
Keywords: Matrix LOL
Keywords: Final Sacrifice - Beer On The Sun
Keywords: Razorwire
Keywords: Benny Lava
by me
Keywords: Bond Ionic Bond
Keywords: Push Button Receive Bacon
Keywords: LOTR - Gauntlet
by me
Keywords: Final Sacrifice - He Was Delicious!
Keywords: Hard As A Rock
Keywords: Politics - Tea Party/Homeless
Keywords: Politics - Tea Party/Gays Voting
Keywords: Epic Shit On The Internet
Keywords: Politics - Bible EULA
by me
Keywords: Open Mind
Keywords: Real Friends - Boobs
thank you jaxita !
Keywords: Keeping It Real
Quit being irrational.
Keywords: Star Wars - Best Friends
I want a Wookiee best friend, dammit.
Keywords: Surrender The Booty
Keywords: Doug - AMA's Major Asshole
I hope the anonymous coward who made the hate collage is looking at this.
Keywords: Politics - Thought Police
credit: iconomicon
Keywords: Politics - Assholes In Charge
credit: iconomicon
Keywords: So Much To Do
credit: iconomicon
Keywords: Politics - Leave The Country
credit: iconomicon
Keywords: Big Books
credit: iconomicon
Keywords: Big Lebowski - Walter
Keywords: Leon
I'm a professional, eh?
Keywords: Can't Brain Have The Dumb
Keywords: GENIUS
If my IQ is so high, why do I do stupid things?
Keywords: Sup Bitches
by me
Keywords: Golden Gate 2
credit: jaxita
Keywords: Brick Top Grin
Evil and psychotic, yet fun.
Keywords: WTF Have You Done
Keywords: Coffee -- NOW
Keywords: Holy Shit
Keywords: Star Wars - Chewie WTF
Keywords: Coffee & Cigarettes
Best friends, partners in crime.
Keywords: I <3 My Attitude Problem
by me, including the photo. I really own this mug.
Keywords: Stick Figure Mania
Keywords: Platinum Filter
If you see this on an entry, you are one of the chosen.
Keywords: Doug - Dune
Keywords: Coffee - Tim's
credit: tanjalin, who no longer haunts LJ
Keywords: Borderlands - No Fapping
Keywords: Borderlands - Moxxi
Hey there, sugar.
Keywords: Fallout New Vegas
Howdy Pardner!
Keywords: Borderlands - Jack
Best. Villain. Ever.
Keywords: Live Life Fully
I Plan To
Keywords: Coffee - I'll Cut You
Keywords: Socia - Sims 4
The Iron Chef herself.
Keywords: Doug - Sims 4
Yeah, I Wish I Was This Cute
Keywords: Doug - Punk
Keywords: Doug - Epcot Smile
Keywords: Doug - Pissed
Keywords: Doug - Horns
Keywords: Doug - Smoking
Keywords: Doug - B&W Thoughtful
Keywords: Socia - Sims 3
Life's Too Short To Make Ugly Toons
Keywords: Politics - Informed
Keywords: Asshole - Alcohol
Keywords: Old Guys Rule
Keywords: Consumer Whore
via "Rejected" by the genius of Don Hertzfeldt
Keywords: Bass Is Cooler
Keywords: Dr. Tran
Keywords: Doug - SAMCRO
Keywords: Doug - Saints Row
Keywords: Socia - Sims 3 Sexy
Keywords: Star Wars - Imp Cooties
Keywords: Sinfest - The Devil Rocks
Keywords: Old School Gamer
Keywords: Rock On 2
Keywords: Face Sodding Your Shut
Keywords: Internet And Tacos
Keywords: Finger Kid
Keywords: Final Sacrifice - Bitchplz
Keywords: Guy Fawkes
Keywords: Star Wars - Goddamn Rebels
Keywords: I AM A BANANA
Keywords: Star Wars - Vader Smoking
Keywords: Sinfest - Hahahahaha
Keywords: I Just Met You
Keywords: Better Looking Online
Keywords: Christmas Lights
Keywords: Sinfest - Reality
Keywords: Reveal Your Secrets
Keywords: Star Wars - Chicks Dig The Dark Side
Keywords: Doug - B&W Glare
Keywords: Gaming Is Life
Keywords: Christmas - Doug - Santa Hat
Keywords: Fallout 4 - PipBoy
Keywords: Doug - Fallout 4
Keywords: Socia - Fallout 4