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Keywords: Ice
by dorknessrising
Keywords: Heart expanded - Lolita
by ohpaintbrush
Keywords: I'm in love - Ariel & Eric
by virginiawolfj
Keywords: Fair Lady - Ariel
by virginiawolfj
Keywords: Ariel - Negative Space
Keywords: Eric
by sixties
Keywords: Eric - Fangs
by sixties
Keywords: FiB - Crinkle
by osbourne
Keywords: Buffy and Spike - Otp
by vargesz
Keywords: Buffy and Spike - Hold Me
by effulgent_girl
Keywords: Buffy and Spike - The Kiss
by effulgent_girl
Keywords: Eric - Oops
by skyrim
Keywords: Winnie the Pooh - Halloween
Keywords: I want you - Buffy and Spike
by autumnrain78
Keywords: Kiss - Lolita