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Keywords: fiasco, train wreck
made by me; snaggable
Keywords: SCA photos
swiped from goldcelestial who got it from lostcatholic
Keywords: head-desk
found on web -- let me know if it's yours!
Keywords: Squee!
got this from http://www.mythicdesigns.net/lj/
Keywords: dumb deadache
Keywords: Happy Dance!
Dancin' kitties -- let me know if it's yours!
Keywords: Ares Monday
got this from http://www.mythicdesigns.net/lj/
Keywords: not happy, Xena
got this from http://www.mythicdesigns.net/lj/
Keywords: dreams, Prospero
made by juno_icons
Keywords: meme!
shamelessly stolen from marymont
Keywords: garb, unfinished
Keywords: academic jargon
made by jiatra
Keywords: holidays
made by tattooedsappho
Keywords: jerusha
Jerusha Kilgore; made by me
Keywords: Lady Vols
Keywords: panic, trapped
made by masquerade_arts
Keywords: faith, hope, prayers
made by ch_photoshopped
Keywords: needlework, stitchin ....
made (and stitched) by me!
Keywords: Voice of Truth
made by lhinneill
Keywords: laughing in flowers
made by enriana
Keywords: fun!, tigger
made by enriana
Keywords: Pseudotrillium rivale
made by *me*
Keywords: snow!
made by sayaka_san
Keywords: 'splainin'
made by poisoninjest
Keywords: CongaRats!
from the web -- did you make this?
Keywords: grammer gremlins
did you make this?
Keywords: friends, LiveJournal
did you make this?
Keywords: Trillium
Curtis Botanical Journal
Keywords: Oh.My.God!
from That Owl Site .....
Keywords: Happy Birthday!
original icons by allbottledup animated by me
Keywords: Hippo Birdy
artwork by Boynton! animated by me
Keywords: sporfle
made by kc_writer; I Swiped from lnyri_jax with permission
Keywords: Spring!
Eriginia bulbosa -- Harbinger of Spring by me!
Keywords: VA Tech
Keywords: Sisyrhinchium
made by me!
Keywords: stupid
made by mugglechump
Keywords: Ivanova
made by amergina
Keywords: Phylogeny
made by me.
Keywords: 4th of July
made by charliemc
Keywords: Cossa, Italian
made by me; I have others
Keywords: Greater darkness
made by amergina
Keywords: Shadows
made by crazybee
Keywords: Cluebat
made by snobahr
Keywords: Veteran's Day
photo by Census Bureau
Keywords: Rainbow Bridge
cropped from a graphic by Gail Hogan
Keywords: berevement, memory, Sympathy
made by eyesthatslay
Keywords: freedom
art by Norman Rockwell, original icons by shadow_images, animated by me
Keywords: Graduation
me; made by me
Keywords: Happy New Year
made by allbottledup
Keywords: Colts, Peyton
made by girlboheme
Keywords: Rock City, Travel
made by me
Keywords: PCR, pipetters
made by me
Keywords: device1
my device; icon made by me; art by allicat42
Keywords: sanity
made by hsapiens
Keywords: sane
made by togabitoion
Keywords: science
made by vampirereverie
Keywords: Meridies-new
new Kingdom populace badge
Keywords: Meridies-old
Original Kingdom populace badge
Keywords: Orobanche
Keywords: boycott
made by katmoonshaker
Keywords: NCAA champs
made by me
Keywords: thread
made by feathered
Keywords: sewing
made by nacofimo
Keywords: tea!
Did you make this?
Keywords: Ewing, Memorial Day, Remember!
my uncle; made by me
Keywords: *wow*, Epic!
made by bell_witch
Keywords: Oh Noes!
made by lastgleamings
Keywords: Journaling
made by crazybee
Keywords: research!
made by eyesthatslay
Keywords: migraine
made by trystbat
Keywords: rewards
made by natoth edited to fit LJ size
Keywords: hugs
made by bitsy_icons
Keywords: Moon Landing
made by me from a NASA photo
Keywords: books! TOS
made by snobahr
Keywords: Olympic Fencing
made by lookatmyicons
Keywords: Olympics
made by
Keywords: Abso-fraggin-lutely!
made by flarn_chef
Keywords: run!
made by lastgleamings
Keywords: Viking
photo by katmoonshaker
Keywords: AS50
made by me -- feel free y'all!
Keywords: Hate Housework I
snagged from heatermcca, made by _tayler
Keywords: Hate Housework II (evil)
made by bkwrrm_tx -- I think
Keywords: LOL!
Did you make this?
Keywords: fabric!
Keywords: paola, vecchio
made by me; painting by Vechio
Keywords: mountains1
made by me!
Keywords: mountains2
made by me!
Keywords: mountains3
made by me
Keywords: ::snrk::
made by abrynnes_th
Keywords: Sisyrhinchium yellow
photo by me; icon by me
Keywords: July 4th
made by roxicons
Keywords: English
made by thefunkyicon; swiped from viragostonewall
Keywords: bacchiacca
Painting by Bacchiacca (Preaching of the Baptist); icon by me
Keywords: bronzino, Matteo Soferon
Bronzino's Daughter of Matteo Sofferoni; icon by me
Keywords: campi I, Fruit Seller
Campi's Fruit Seller; icon by me
Keywords: campi 2, fruit seller 2
Campi's Fruit Seller II; icon by me
Keywords: sarto
Sarto's Birth of the Virgin; icon by me
Keywords: grown-ups
did you make this?
Keywords: 9-11
made by eyesthatslay
Keywords: Kolfinna
made by kythera in honor/memory of Duchess Kolfina
Keywords: like
made by me --- feel free to snarf
Keywords: dislike
made by me -- feel free to snarf
Keywords: sick
Keywords: TOS
Keywords: Celebrate!
made by jetsetbarbie
Keywords: New Year Fireworks
made by jetsetbarbie
Keywords: note
did you make this?
Keywords: blue
made by cvirtue
Keywords: sh*t
made by vitallani
Keywords: Stupid -- sorry
made by amergina
Keywords: How Stupid
made by blackpaladin
Keywords: Not again!
made by icon_bacchanal
Keywords: monday
made by tashabear
Keywords: erasable
made by enriana
Keywords: fine
from demmyicons
Keywords: handbasket
from demmyicons
Keywords: Mad Skillz
made by tashabear
Keywords: geek
made by memymuseandi
Keywords: sewing threads
did you make this?