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Keywords: iasip║an eight or a nine out of ten.
[feelsgoodlost] i will eat your babies, bitch.
Keywords: wf║role model.
[daydreamer87] her blurb and life are a work in progress.
Keywords: vm║obligatory psychotic jackass.
[epicblueblanket] i think that's actually old testament.
Keywords: oc║sethandryan.
[calicons] you're a cohen now.
Keywords: ha!║helga loves football head.
[katya_icons] i'm pretty. i'm feminine. i'm delicate.
Keywords: btvs║señor giles.
[thirdhex] a watcher scoffs at gravity!
Keywords: co║i'd be suspicious of someone like me.
[_jems_] when all else fails, there's always delusion.
Keywords: vm║intrepid girl detective.
[lit_glitter] everything i love gets lost in drawers.
Keywords: vm║the ever-living ghost of what was.
[feelsgoodlost] i'd really have to consult my feelings journal to be sure.
Keywords: dw║o hai!
[flinkkamingo3] better with two. THIS ICON NOT FOR SHARING.
Keywords: cl║should i write them a note?
[bliccy] okay, so you're probably going, "is this, like, a noxzema commercial or what?"
Keywords: ad║i'd love to call it an imposition.
[_jems_] oh, bloody hell.
Keywords: taf║are they made from real girl scouts?
[feelsgoodlost] i'm a homicidal maniac; they look just like everyone else.
Keywords: fnl║pathologies of hope.
[skiescancrack] thanks, robert plant, for all of your love, but do you have any more?
Keywords: fnl║our last days as children.
[skiescancrack] he has an echo chamber in his chest.
Keywords: dw║sally sparrow.
[likethesun] out of my league, i have birds in my sleeves.