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Keywords: spider
Keywords: smiley
Everything is wrong, like the song says.
Keywords: depressed
Keywords: kicking woman
She was totally asking for it.
Keywords: red pills
"We have drugs for that!" she told me. Better living through chemistry, I reminded myself, as I drifted off again.
Keywords: outside looking in
signifies change, transition, acceptance
Keywords: rooftop
No one ever thinks to look up.
Keywords: loo
Quietest place to get anything accomplished.
Keywords: sleeping
Keywords: longpig
Cloned human meat at prices you can afford!
Keywords: Miles
Mah kitteh!
Keywords: Calico Jack
The flag Anne Bonney sailed under.
Keywords: PROOF!
Proof I have a brain!
Keywords: Chairleg of Truth
The Chairleg of Truth does not LIE!
Keywords: River
Also, I can kill you with my brain.