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Keywords: fogliobrowse
the classic, wacky standard
Keywords: swingtime
love of swing and good times
Keywords: scopeitout
checking things out/gun optics
Keywords: service
air force/military
Keywords: diversity
celebrate diversity
Keywords: opensights
encounters at close-range
Keywords: goodadvice
if all else fails...
Keywords: girsquirrel
goofy/flippant moments
Keywords: gircanhead
wacky self-destruction
Keywords: zimbestestfriend
happy times with friends
Keywords: homerhappy
general joy
Keywords: buddysarcastic
many ambiguous applications
Keywords: displeased
mild to severe displeasure
Keywords: dogbertunplugged
sarcasm and/or cynicism
Keywords: satchelthinking
deep moments of pondering
Keywords: shotfirst
hatred of phoniness/general Han Solo awesomeness
Keywords: satchelscribble
quick notes or remarks
Keywords: RKBA
doing what I can with what I got
Keywords: hare
animal remarks
Keywords: buckybackscratcher
basic silly topics
Keywords: danaepanic
comic hyperbole
Keywords: garfield
lazy/bored moments
Keywords: stalinlol
flippant mockery
Keywords: satchelwack
Keywords: buckyshout
crazy outbursts
Keywords: buckytongue
mild "ptthhhhbt" moments
Keywords: satchelwriting
quiet, focused writing
Keywords: satchelplan
the ol' gears are turning
Keywords: dualwield
one body, two rifles
Keywords: ak
this is my ak...
Keywords: 1911
1911s are awesome
Keywords: berettaglow
weird/silly gun topics
Keywords: berettapose
black pistols
Keywords: arreceiver
ar up close
Keywords: akreceiver
ak up close
Keywords: satchelcookies
intrigued innocent inquiry
Keywords: satchelangry
mild to severe frustration/anger
Keywords: satchelshocked
dramatic surprise
Keywords: girdancing
look at 'im go!
Keywords: tread
seriously, don't
Keywords: peacefirepower
a slogan to live by
Keywords: satchelgrimace
disgust or disappointment
Keywords: buckybat
Keywords: buckybeavers
random denouncement
Keywords: buckyflex
Keywords: buckyspit
comical surprise
Keywords: buckyvision
embarrassment/mild disgust
Keywords: DDSR
crazy dancing pinkos!
Keywords: ljdrama
'nuff said
Keywords: satchelbleak
negative outlooks
Keywords: buckynoose
hang your illogical statements!
Keywords: buckyno
just "no"
Keywords: buckytwinkie
silly diversion; fun chatter
Keywords: satchelalarmed
alarming subjects
Keywords: scratfutility
wasted effort/frustration
Keywords: bittenichtsoschnell
Bitte, nicht so schnell! Wir sind noch Junge!
Keywords: buckywhap
a blunt, yet comical, STFU
Keywords: buckybird
angry retort
Keywords: buckybooya
general celebration/accomplishment
Keywords: satchelbrother
amusing helplessness
Keywords: satchelconfused
basic puzzlement
Keywords: satcheldoldrums
feeling down
Keywords: GFduo
good times together
Keywords: satcheler...
slip of the tongue/finger
Keywords: buckymmf
distracted moments
Keywords: tagon
the big boss
Keywords: tagonshocked
amusing revelations
Keywords: satchelshades
just hanging out
Keywords: satchelok
belated realizations
Keywords: buckyabort
while the quitting's good
Keywords: satchelhaha1
joy or general amusement
Keywords: satchelseat
pleasant topics/replies
Keywords: satchelonly
helping those still on the ground or in the gutter...
Keywords: satchelhaha2
Keywords: satchelstanding
basically pleased
Keywords: deathbytyping
worked and/or self-bludgeoned to death
Keywords: satchelpoint
noticing and/or accusing people
Keywords: buckytongue2
a silent, mental ptttthhhbt
Keywords: buckyquiverno
traumatized/silly reactions
Keywords: pacinoscarface
angry/automatic/al pacino
Keywords: nielsen/mentos
borrowed from skrambledchaos
Keywords: sonicrunning
running and/or being hyper
Keywords: g21
Keywords: teamfn
fn or general gun awesomeness
Keywords: akreversed
ak, general coolness
Keywords: meatpopsicle
negative, i'm a meat popsicle
Keywords: stg-58 lower
stg-58 via Userpic Factory
Keywords: stg-58 trigger
stg-58 trigger via Userpic Factory
Keywords: target
don't shoot too low!
Keywords: hitlerwolf3d
gaming, fighting, victory over evil, etc
Keywords: russiaparty
politics; couldn't've said it better, myself
Keywords: thumper
the little cartoon bunny we all love
Keywords: rossi
my rossi 12-guage
Keywords: pi/pie
thinking with brain or thinking with stomach
Keywords: grammar attack!
writing the wrongs of grammar and word usage
Keywords: gurgle
overwhelming stupidity/exhaustion/etc
Keywords: ljsummary
lj in multiple catch-phrases
Keywords: ammo1
the first of many ammo pics...
Keywords: ammo2
second in a long list
Keywords: omg eyechart
common acronyms in an uncommon format
Keywords: duckfreakout
another great way to express shock/wackiness
Keywords: oregontrailmoron
reference to oregon trail, old videogames, or...morons
Keywords: freemanbunny
half-life, bunnies, comics, and so on...
Keywords: ammo3
another ammo-themed icon
Keywords: ammo4
the mural my tech school class made
Keywords: ammobadge
the badge of a maintainer, and what ammo troops wear
Keywords: ruger22/45
an enjoyable .22 pistol
Keywords: sigp220
the sig rules
Keywords: thoughtpolice
pretty self-explanitory
Keywords: freeman
the half-life legend
Keywords: manateebump
moments of oops, or futility
Keywords: jeopardyconnery
funny, crass, flippant, etc
Keywords: bunnyrecycle
the orange bunny rocks
Keywords: dilbertsun
pain, anger, resentment
Keywords: dilberttweet
totally blowing my top
Keywords: bunnyrevenge
moments of cleverness, devious things, etc
Keywords: rem870
my remington 870
Keywords: duckpsycho
just for fun
Keywords: ar-15 business end
what you'll see if you ever threaten me
Keywords: ar-15 receiver
my ar-15
Keywords: sniper
aim, shoot, repeat
Keywords: fiveseven
my fn fiveseven
Keywords: rugersix
my ruger security-six
Keywords: doubledragon
billy's beatdown
Keywords: animaniacs
sad warner brothers (and sister)
Keywords: headdesk
frustration about not getting through
Keywords: sheep
they're dumb, they're timid; they're a lot like most of us
Keywords: gun owner
gun owner, or victim?
Keywords: cessna
a t-41c/a
Keywords: sledge
one of my favorite shows
Keywords: f117
flying, stealth, air force, etc
Keywords: S&W
my model 29
Keywords: selfpic1
a selfpic
Keywords: selfpic2
another selfpic
Keywords: x
complex problems; keeping it super-simple
Keywords: plr-16
my plr-16
Keywords: homerchips
chain/repeated mishaps/frustration
Keywords: Soloflight
my first solo, 27 jan 2008
Keywords: captcap
my cap with captain's rank
Keywords: T-43
Gator trainer
Keywords: obamanation
the socialist hell is on the horizon
Keywords: opensights2
close-range and serious
Keywords: T-1inflight
fun times, low but not slow
Keywords: e-3 AWACS
my new plane
Keywords: turtleyayyy
yay, a turtle!
Keywords: oppression
not really sorry, but you get the point
Keywords: obama kool-aid
kool-aid comes in all flavors and colors; not all of them good
Keywords: 1911works
1911; poetry in motion
Keywords: heatval
val's rapid burst-fire (kinda redundant)
Keywords: ALF
if you don't appreciate ALF, you probably don't understand
Keywords: Eyes up
from younger days...
Keywords: opensights3
fun with the ptr-91
Keywords: buckyskree
a crazy kat
Keywords: andysuit
me in my flightsuit
Keywords: baby & me
my wonderful baby boy