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Current Userpics

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Keywords: krista - current
this is my hair, and my neck.
Keywords: krista - old default
this is half of my face
Keywords: fleur - tasha's trees
tasha tudor magazine article
Keywords: krista - half
this is all of my face
Keywords: sfu - jeopardy!peter
Keywords: cats - katy angel
this is katy cat
Keywords: krista - smile
these are my gigantic teeth
Keywords: jeff - live
jeff is angry! grr!
Keywords: fleur - steps
mississippi back yard
Keywords: misc. - clouds
Keywords: misc. - shag drunk pirate
not like, i'm shagging a drunk pirate. but i could be!
Keywords: misc. - wegg
Keywords: misc. - shag tiny violin
sometimes i gotta be a bitch
Keywords: rd - trio
Keywords: lotr - lij mardi gras 2004
then he ate a sammich
Keywords: misc. - mural
i used to have a website with an s&m vibe