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Keywords: Bear - Default
Icon by girlyb_icons
Keywords: Michael Darling and Pixie Dust
Icon by peaces_icons
Keywords: Stacy London - Ewww
Icon by loonylupinlover
Keywords: Alice with Cake - Celebrate
Icon by peaces_icons
Keywords: King John - Cranky
Icon by peaces_icons
Keywords: Sweeney Todd - Sad
Icon by the_mischief
Keywords: Fantasia fairy - Pretty
Icon by sillycowfreckle
Keywords: Apathetic, Pongo - Whatever
Icon by thelamppost
Keywords: Breakfast at Tiffany's - Elegant
Icon by queen_lothiriel
Keywords: Horse Tounge - Silly!
Icon by girlboheme
Keywords: Hook and Peter Pan - Fight
Icon by iconfluence
Keywords: Castle - Happy
Icon by b_sideicon
Keywords: Cupcake - Yummy!
Icon b yshalowater
Keywords: German Flag - Go Deutschland!
Icon by shoegal_icons
Keywords: No Fur!
Icon from Peta.com