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Keywords: (classic) jimmy
☂ © likeadoll
Keywords: (hp) r/hr
why'd you have to be so cute? it's impossible to ignore you. ☂ © holypancake
Keywords: (actor) goode
© endearlings
Keywords: (film) clueless
you're a virgin that can't drive ☂ © small_crime
Keywords: (film) american psycho
oh my god! it even has a watermark! ☂ © imotorized-
Keywords: (hp) wit beyond measure
is man's greatest treasure ☂ © sodapop_01 @ couldntfindname
Keywords: (actress) kirsten
the childlike empress ☂ © thespian_muse
Keywords: (hp) the prince
after all this time? always. ☂ © wools @ muskets
Keywords: (skins) oh wow lovely
☂ © nightcomes
Keywords: (film) gone with the wind
frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. ☂ © girlyevil
Keywords: (film) alice
curiouser and curiouser! ☂ © fairchilds
Keywords: (film) peter pan
a sky of diamonds just for us ☂ © liquidlights
Keywords: (emma) emma and knightley
if i loved you less i might be able to talk about it more ☂ © fairchilds
Keywords: (film) casablanca
here's looking at you kid ☂ & copy; mary1516
Keywords: (classic) james dean
dream as though you'll live forever ☂ © likeadoll