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Keywords: Misc: Masked like a lover
So beautiful so deadly; collapsingnight
Keywords: Ouran: Twins - Laughter is the best medi
crying with laughter all the time; ??
Keywords: Ouran: Tamaki - Writewritewrite
this is me when inspiration strikes; ??
Keywords: GakuHeaven: Foursome - Surfacing
The solution to every love square is a foursome; kagayachou
Keywords: KHR: YamaHiba - Windshear
With rain there are always clouds; kagayachou
CASE IS A FAGGOT; technophile DNS
Keywords: SB: Kojuurou - Wot.
Masamune-sama what have you done now; nanopumpkins
Keywords: DC: Dick - TWO Bruces? Nooooo!
See Dick agree. See Dick agree vigorously; kapows
Keywords: Marvel: Danny - HUG PLUSHIEDANNY
No seriously, hug him. Lookit his squishy face! bwhahahabeck
Keywords: Real: Sean - Solitary smokes
The placement of this should be perfect, honestly; hollow-art
Keywords: Real: Viggo - With one glance
Seduction comes in many different forms; evocates
Keywords: Real: Viggo - Gentle clock's ticking
I don't like admitting that I was afraid; hollow-art
Keywords: Real: Sean - Only half-broken
Don't worry, for I don't need to be saved; hollow-art
Keywords: Hobbit: Bilbo - Judging you
I'm a Baggin of BAGGINS!; rachaelwsz
Keywords: Accused: Simon - Sunsets
like the Lady of Shalott, always watching and never living; govi20