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Keywords: Not so keen on this
Birdy the Mighty - Tsutomu~♥
Keywords: KID-wtf?
From the 8th Detective Conan movie
Keywords: Pizza Day
From the Demonbane Artbook
Keywords: LOL! Internets!
Outlaw Star-Gene
Keywords: Shiratori-OMG
Shiratori from Detective Conan
Keywords: Apollo
Sousei No Aquarion DVD Cover 1
Keywords: Heiji Approved
Detective Conan
Keywords: Little Pimp
Detective Conan
Keywords: Smile
Keywords: OMG
Guyver the Bioboosted Armor
Keywords: Heart
Keywords: :D
Keywords: Yamano-Blush
Covetous You, Insensible Me
Keywords: Boo
Magic Kaitou-Cat's Eye
Keywords: Ponies Ponies Ponies
YGO GX- Excited Chazz
Keywords: Always Watching
Keywords: Unlikely Hero
Brave Story love, all the way
Keywords: Absolute Genius
From Muhyo to Ryoji
Keywords: Cyborg Love
004x002 4EVAR
Keywords: Karas
Otoha is so sexy~
Keywords: Parasyte
This series is so overlooked. <3
Keywords: Bright Mihashi
Oofuri Love <3
Keywords: Heartbroken
Keywords: Jacuzzi and Nice Smiles
Baccano luff
Keywords: Chilly Hands
Dawn: Tsumetai Te
Keywords: Goggles do nothing
Keywords: Hey Kids
Keywords: With You
Origin-Agito and Toola
Keywords: My dreams are in the stars
Keywords: You disgust me
Pumpkin Scissors-Hunks
Keywords: I'm Bored
Ryuusei no Rockman
Keywords: Zetsubou Colorthrob
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Keywords: Haraken Blush
Dennou Coil-Haraken
Keywords: Haraken and Yasako
Dennou Coil-Haraken and Yasako
Keywords: Yasako
Dennou Coil-Yasako
Keywords: Doctor is in
Black Jack
Keywords: Straight Flush
Beast in the Tower- Straight nothing, that boy is gaaaaay
Keywords: Vespa
Keywords: IchiJyuu Ichigo
Keywords: IchiJyuu Jyuu-chan
Bleach- Jyuuchan loves Ichigo
Keywords: Wolfy Boy
Three Wolves Mountain-Jiro
Keywords: Blood
Keywords: Inner Power
Keywords: Plus
Law of Ueki Plus
Keywords: Mushi
Mushiuta- From the 3rd light novel
Keywords: My sexy lover
Gakuen Kino, scanned by mingling
Keywords: Hmmm
Pokémon Special-Yellow, the cutest trainer
Keywords: *Sputter Cough* What?
Zeroin - Kou
Keywords: Jumpy Jacuzzi
Baccano - Manga
Keywords: Jacuzzi Whee
Baccano - Manga
Keywords: Jacuzzi ZOMG WHAT DID YOU DO
Baccano - Manga
Keywords: Jacuzzi
Baccano - 1934 Peter Pan in Chains
Keywords: Peace!
Gakuen Kino!
Keywords: I can't take this anymore!
Gakuen Kino!
Keywords: Hard at Work
Gakuen Kino!
Keywords: Serious Robo
Space Traveller Robo and Usakichi
Keywords: Life is Good
Space Traveller Robo and Usakichi
20th Century Boys
Keywords: Jacuzzi Blink
Baccano - Jacuzzi <3
Keywords: Jacuzzi Heart
Baccano - Jacuzzi <3
Keywords: Jacuzzi Running through the train
Made by sinspire from sundry_icons! Thank-you~♥
Keywords: Firo and Ennis says uhhhh
Made by sinspire from sundry_icons!
Keywords: Freaking Out
Oh! Edo Rocket - Seikichi
Keywords: Claire says hello
Baccano - Claire Stanfield
Keywords: Hearing
Mononoke -Medicine Seller by midnightreverie
Keywords: Markings of Gold
Mononoke - by midnightreverie
Keywords: Tarou Smiles
Ghost Hound
Keywords: Finger Touch
Ghost Hound
Keywords: Mihashi=!!
Oofuri Love <3 by deadweasel
Keywords: Abe + Mihashi
Oofuri Love <3 by aozu_deluxe
Keywords: *Sigh* Whatever
Moyashimon - Sawaki
Keywords: Carpe Diem
Yu-Gi-Oh GX by syntheticpoetic
Keywords: Bucket Head
Persona -trinity soul-
Keywords: Ice Cream
Darker than Black
Keywords: Feral
Ergo Proxy ♥
Keywords: Uncomfortable
Birdy the Mighty - Tsutomu! He gets no love.
Keywords: Insanity
Soul Eater - Maka
Kaiji love by astrokittie
Keywords: Grimmer - Sip
Monster - Grimmer - by criminalize
Keywords: Well you see...
kurenai - Shinkurou
Keywords: How do I put this in words?
kurenai - Shinkurou
Keywords: Warp is not impressed
Kaiba - Warp
Keywords: It's hard to think with a robot in my ha
Cromartie High School - by leafing
Bóunen no Xamdou: Akiyuki
Keywords: Tapping
Hakaba Kitaro - tap it good
Keywords: Erg...
kurenai - Shinkurou
Keywords: Not Pleased
kurenai - Shinkurou
Keywords: A boy and a... nekomata
by tekla (Bóunen no Xamdou: Akiyuki and Roppa)
Keywords: Zen - Regret Nothing!
Art and icon by shiroro~!!
Keywords: Damn Fangirl!
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds - Yuusei is pretty damn hot.
Keywords: Palmtop Tiger
from Toradora! *hearts;
Keywords: Jacuzzi is very happy
Baccano - Jacuzzi <3
Keywords: Charlie does not approve.
Numb3rs - Charlie - by goodnightsong
Keywords: Click Click Boom
Life - Charlie Crews, super badass
Keywords: Best Friends
Bolt - Penny and Bolt
Keywords: okay then., Well
The Listener - Toby
Keywords: And the Flowers Bloom
Kurozakuro - Zakuro's Flower Blooms
Keywords: Moe-est of them all
Pumpkin Scissors-Oland is so totally moe.
Keywords: Kira Kira Ruby
Pokémon Special-Ruby, the most FABULOUS~ trainer
Keywords: Venusaur WHOA
Pokémon Special-Red's Venusaur
Keywords: Drained
Hyde and Closer - Shunpei
Keywords: Glance
Tegami Bachi - Lag and Gauche
Keywords: To the shining future
Bakuman - Mashiro
Keywords: Smug
Pluto - My favorite robot ♥
Keywords: ?!
Doctor Who - Ninth Doctor
Keywords: Awkward
Chuck - This is me pretending to be okay with this
Keywords: Heroman
Keywords: What a smug robot
Heroman - Best Robot Baseball Player Ever
Keywords: Twirl
Durarara!! - Walker, you crazy otaku you
Keywords: Hold My Hand
Heroman - Joey and Heroman (From Ending 2)
Keywords: Armored Hero
Heroman - He's strangely adorable in that...
Keywords: Smug Bastard
Heroman - Joey's gonna save the world. Again.
Keywords: Shutterkill
Speed Grapher - Sexy Sexy Saiga
Keywords: In the Light
Heroman - Joey (From Ending 2)
Keywords: Arago
Keywords: Nnngh?
AR∀GO - Arago isn't too sure about this...
Keywords: Big Grin
Rosario + Vampire - Tsukune, you're a pretty cool guy.
Keywords: Shocked
Rosario + Vampire - Tsukune agaaain~
Keywords: Can you see how excited I am?
Accelerator - From the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga
Keywords: Err… can ya run that past me again?
Accelerator - From the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga
Keywords: Stupid Sexy Kotetsu
by karnimolly
Keywords: Thumbs Up!
Utawarerumono - Hakuoro (from Leaf/AQUAPLUS wallpaper)
Keywords: Maskless
Utawarerumono - Hakuoro
Keywords: WAGGHHH
Bakemonogatari - Araragi Freakout
Keywords: NGH.
Sacred Seven - Alma is adorable squared.
Keywords: Spying
tsuritama - Akira, Haru, and Yuki
Keywords: Say wha?
tsuritama - Yuki ♥♥♥
Keywords: Heh
Hyouka - Houtarou
Keywords: Mugshots
Hyouka - Houtarou and Satoshi
Keywords: Ehehehe
Bakemonogatari - Ararararararagi
Keywords: HMMMM? What was that?
Hataraku Maou-Sama: Maou
Keywords: Haaaahn?!
Hataraku Maou-Sama: Emi
Keywords: Rwarg! Fear the Maou!
Hataraku Maou-Sama: Maou
Keywords: Grin
Seven Deadly Sins - Meliodas
Keywords: Okay
Seven Deadly Sins - Meliodas