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Keywords: StickStickly
Write to me, Stick Stickly. PO Box 963, New York City, New York State 10108!
Keywords: Batman
Batman is so jealous of Lilo! That's his boy wonder.
Keywords: 30S2M
Jared Leto is a rockstar.
Keywords: Hotties
Modern Hitchcock, ever so hot.
Keywords: Yikes
Daniel Day-Lewis is way scarier than Voldemort.
Keywords: JGL
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a sexy man
Keywords: Faraday
Princess Faraday is such a cutie.
Keywords: Charlie
Not Penny's boat. Not a happy season finale.
Keywords: Claire/Charlie
The OTP of LOST.
Keywords: Desmond
Good luck brotha, see you in another life, yea.
Keywords: LockeBoone
I miss the good ol' days of drug fueled dreams.
Keywords: IceT&Coco
The king and queen of ONTD
Keywords: Perfection
IceT + Coco + Bill Murray = mind explosion