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Here are the userpics for effulgentnida. Get notified when they upload a new one.

Keywords: [BK] : queen bey
: by faunyoudork
Keywords: [BTVS] : What's A Girl To Do?
: by sugarfixx
Keywords: [SC] : My husband Marlon
: by mrbnatural
Keywords: [vm] : Veronica Mars
: by me
Keywords: [KC] : Major Kurt face
: by me
Keywords: [BH] : my one being human icon
: by lessrest
Keywords: [Ats] : Queen C
: by little_erica
Keywords: [btvs] : mmm food
: by mouthfullofdust
Keywords: [FT] : Father Dougal McGuire
: by madamtorsion
Keywords: [SK] : it all comes down to this
: by likethesun
Keywords: [ST] : Fix up look sharp
: by mrbnatural
Keywords: [tb] : I am a vampire
: by misstress_tink
Keywords: [XF] : from outer space
: by ack_attack
Keywords: [sw] : step off bitch
: by starsburn
Keywords: [dw] :you to me mean everything
: by instincts