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Keywords: Sentarita
"We going to Kentucky. We going to the fair. To see the SenTarita with flowers in her hair"
Keywords: Her
Keywords: HipHop Killers
The only thing they really kill is the music, credit: blackperson
Keywords: oregon trail: the lj version
credit: sup_internets
Keywords: praise santa
credit: keenai
Keywords: Dear Internets
Keywords: Unicorn killers unite!
credit: mila_manosevic, Killing false hopes since 2005
Keywords: look up Ebony say cheese
Keywords: eBunny
credit: blackperson
Keywords: Misteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr KENNEDY
credit: jennomac
Keywords: Shady Pines
credit: xhollywoodiconx
Keywords: hazy
I don't look up in pics often
Keywords: mic check
it ain't nothin like HipHop music, we like it 'cause we choose it
Keywords: Halloween mic
Keywords: the clap
Thanks fatshionistas!