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Keywords: [com] charlotte grote is my copilot
[john allison's bad machinery, 6.6.2011]
Keywords: [dc] only good for yoshis
Keywords: [dc] their nimble probing hands
[dudski will not stand for the liberal media's pro-raccoon propaganda.]
Keywords: [alias] something you never had
Keywords: [ad] her?
Keywords: [yj] he will always love me now
beyond harm - he was dead, dead! [lovestoryicon]
Keywords: [com] BATMAN'S ANGRY FACE
[dudski, face courtesy of justice league #7]
Keywords: [yj] you have to kiss a few frogs
meg, they didn't mean that LITERALLY. [awful photoshop by dudski, inspiration by disco_vendetta]
Keywords: [yj] smoke always changes the subject
Keywords: [yj] thinking i cannot lift the weight
without you here to share it [dudski]
Keywords: [yj] wouldn't mind a good fistfight
maybe a natural disaster to shake things up [dudski]
Keywords: [com] truth justice and fuck you
[kate beaton duh]
Keywords: [com] great at boats!
[dudski / hawkeye 7]
Keywords: [oc] she said "here's us"
Keywords: [pr] RALWAYS
i did this. this is on me.