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Keywords: mincing mockingbird
what? whatWHAT???
Keywords: deer!
i just pooped in your soup! hee!
Keywords: vain chin
double the chin, double the fun.
Keywords: vyv
double deuce!
Keywords: chewie!
what a wookee!
Keywords: kiki
planning the future, kiki?
Keywords: spock
Keywords: rico rico rico!
no, rico! don't hump the camera!
Keywords: shark
i'm a shaaaarrrrk!!!!
Keywords: katamari bananas
oh, the prince is too bananas! we are so proud.
Keywords: little vader
i find your lack of chicken nuggets disturbing
Keywords: cotton candy kitty
kitty will eat your soul! hee!
Keywords: jareth bah
it's so hard, being king.
Keywords: jareth crystal
i move the stars for no one.
Keywords: poor doggie
Keywords: darcy
mr. darcy disapproves
Keywords: midna
tamer of wolves.
Keywords: chiyo
Keywords: pooping
this makes me happy
Keywords: ludo
smell bad?
Keywords: buh spock
Keywords: dumbledore whore
settle down, crazy man.
Keywords: dumbledore sit down
i'm sitting! I'M SITTING!
Keywords: link yeah right
i bet you're a fairy by birth.
Keywords: kitty ping pong
i win! no i win! no i win! no i win! no i win!
i totally stole this. but you really can't blame me. look at it. it's a treasure.
Keywords: duchess
i AM the duchess!
Keywords: invincible
star power ftw
Keywords: frodo
and why wouldn't he?
Keywords: red panda
sometimes you just need one.
Keywords: unisaber
geek genres activate! form of! unisaber!
Keywords: evengelion girls
ramiel and uriel are going down.
Keywords: jedi order
beware order 66
Keywords: riker so fkn awesome
mmmm. pre-bearded.
Keywords: eddie izzard
Keywords: ewan giggles
oh if only.
Keywords: possums
i met a possum.
Keywords: amaratsu question
don't listen to the pipsqueak. he's just a painter.
Keywords: asuka watching
imma gechoo sucka.